During the year, USET SPF leadership attends consultations, listening sessions, commission meetings, and various committees to advocate legislation on various issues, subjects, and initiatives.  USET SPF also will comment on notices of proposed rulemaking, legislation, or court cases.  Click on the links below for specific comments you would like to view from USET SPF.

USET SPF Comments to EPA on Region 4 Draft Interim Region 4 Tribal CWA 106 Project Task Selection and Funding Guidelines 11.8.2018

USET SPF Comments to CMS on the Alabama Medicaid Workforce Initiative, Section 1115 Demonstration Application 10.21.18

USET SPF Comments to FWS and NMFS on Proposed Rule Changes to the ESA 9.24.2018

USET SPF Comments to IHS on Proposed Updates to SDS Guidelines for AI/ANs 9.12.2018

USET SPF Comments on Draft IHS Strategic Plan FY 2018-2022 8.23.2018

USET SPF Comments on CEQ ANPRM re: Implementation of Procedural Provisions of National Environmental Policy Act 8.20.2018

USET SPF Comments on Maine Section 1115 Demonstration for Individuals with HIV/AIDS 8.17.2018

USET SPF Comments Re: IHS Behavioral Health Funding 8.1.2018

USET SPF Comments on FY 2018 Funding Decision Regarding 105(l) Leases 7.27.2018

USET SPF Comments on Revisions to IHS Manual PRC Chapter 7.5.2018

USET SPF Comments on Fee-to-Trust Consultation 6.29.2018

USET SPF Comments re: DOJ Distribution of VOCA Tribal Set Aside 6.29.2018

USET SPF Comments re: IHS Collection of Residency Information for PRC 5.25.2018

USET SPF Comments re: CSC “97/3 Method” Tribal Consultation 5.18.2018

USET SPF Comments on Interim Final EPA Region 4 Consultation Policy SOP 5.14.2018
**EPA Region 4 Regional Administrator’s Response to USET SPF’s comments 6.28.2018**

USET SPF Comments re: SDPI Funding Distribution in FY 2019 5.11.2018

USET SPF Comments re: Updates to CATEXs Under NEPA 5.7.2018

USET SPF Comments on EPA Repeal of Clean Power Plan 4.26.2018

USET SPF Section-by-Section Comments on the Opioid Crisis Response Act 4.20.2018

USET SPF Comments to USACE New Draft Policy Document (Draft Engineering Circular) for Section 408 4.6.2018

USET SPF Comments on EPA Draft Tribal Assessment March 20, 2018

USET SPF Comments on EPA Potential Revisions to Lead and Copper Rule March 15, 2018

USET SPF Comments on the NIH All of Us Initial Research Protocol February 9, 2018