A recent article by Gabriel Pietrorazio in the Central Current highlights several Tribally owned and operated maple sugaring operations in the USET region. In this article Gabriel shares a story of resilience in traditional economies for the Onondaga Nation and the formation of the Seven Buffalo Maple Syrup Company. The article opens with the following:

One-hundred twenty jars of Oshesda’ was her original goal: Angela Ferguson, the Onondaga Nation Farm’s supervisor, first envisioned filling a quart jar with maple syrup for each of her elders last winter.

“If I fill every single one of those jars, then that’s a success,” said Ferguson. “I want my people to have everything. As long as I’m physically able to and my back is still working, they will have it.”

She kept her word, tapping 600 maple trees during their first season to fulfill her dream of distributing 30 gallons to the elders. 

In fact, she even exceeded her own expectations. 

Ferguson still had some surplus syrup left — 11 gallons to be exact — to save some for future ceremonial purposes.