Operator Certification

The USET Operator Certification Program was developed for Tribal Utility personnel as recognition of Tribal sovereignty through the efforts of the USET Natural Resources Committee, who drafted a set of Bylaws, reviewed same, and presented these to the USET Board of Directors for approval.
At first, USET Tribal operators received operator certification either through reciprocity from their respective state certifications or by attending training from the Georgia Water and Wastewater Institute  (GWWI) for their certification and passing a State of Georgia exam. All of this changed in 2010 when USET became a member of the Association of Boards of Certification. USET now proctors the ABC exam for certification, offers its own certification training including that from GWWI and the Fleming Training Center in Murfreesboro, TN. USET applied to EPA to become an EPA approved Tribal Drinking Certification program, which was granted on February 10, 2012.

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USET currently offers certification in the following areas:

      • Public Water Supply System Operator: Class I, II, III, or IV
      • Water Distribution System Operator
      • Wastewater Treatment System Operator: Class I, II, III, or IV
      • Wastewater Collection System Operator: (Voluntary)
      • Water Laboratory Analyst: (Voluntary)
      • Wastewater Laboratory Analyst: (Voluntary)

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USET Water Certification Board Members

USET Certification Board Bylaws

Application for USET certification (PDF)

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