Solid Waste

Developing and Implementing Tribal Solid Waste Codes

As part of our Tribal Solid Waste Education and Assistance Program (TSWEAP), we are very excited to begin offering a special project focused on assisting Tribal Nations in creating and implementing solid waste codes. This special project is being conducted with funding from US EPA’s American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO), and in partnership with the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET).

As  part of this project we will be conducting the following activities:
Up to 20 employees of federally-recognized Tribal Nations and Alaskan Native Villages can attend the two Workshops. The first workshop was held at the USET offices in Nashville May 5th – 9th, 2014.  Each course  will feature Tribal professionals and a lawyer specializing in Tribal code development as instructors. Attendees at these courses will learn how to conduct initial research, craft new codes or refine existing ones, navigate  jurisdictional issues, work effectively with Tribal elected leaders, solicit  community feedback, and successfully implement the finalized codes.
Following each course, attendees will have access to Tribal mentors and ITEP staff to assist them in crafting their codes, as well as a free hour long phone consultation with a legal expert.
A  variety of resources, including legal research assistance, helpful documents, and examples of existing Tribal codes will also be made available to Tribal  professionals.

For more information,
contact Jerry Pardilla