Grant Management Resources

Supporting Tribal Nations to secure sustainable funding streams is an integral part of THPS. We work with Tribal Nations to develop actionable work plans, evaluation strategies, and budgets that allow for successful grant applications. These funding streams allow for Tribal Nations to implement innovative, community-based programs to address the most pressing health concerns of their Tribal citizens.

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Tribal Public Health Accreditation

Similar to accreditation for schools, colleges, and universities, public health accreditation helps ensure that a public health department is meeting the needs of the community it serves by adequately addressing a set of public health standards that are necessary for the promotion of health and wellness. Accreditation documents the capacity of the public health department to deliver these three core functions of public health and ten essential services.

Public health accreditation is a process that public health departments undergo to reflect on current strengths, weaknesses, gaps and identify areas for growth. It is an opportunity to identify how management, leadership, overall performance, and community relationships can be improved. For USET member Tribal Nations that are interested in requesting Tribal Public Health Accreditation assistance, click here:

Request Public Health Accreditation Support