Eastern Region Veterans Training Summit


Please see the attached final agenda and registration form for the upcoming VA Office of Tribal Government Relations, Eastern Region Veterans Training Summit to be held May 21-22, 2014 @ the Silver Star Casino and Resort Hotel, on the Mississippi Band of Choctaw reservation, in Choctaw, MS.

For those of you who have already submitted your registration form – thank you very much.

If you have not contacted the Hotel for a reservation please do so as soon as possible.

Some staff are waiting on approval to attend, so the Hotel was gracious enough to extend the deadline for hotel reservations to May 9th, so if you are still waiting to hear if you have been approved, we now have a little time left for you to get your reservation at the tribal rate (which is a little less than the government rate).

Some of you had asked about a mental health/substance abuse piece, please note the local VA Medical Center is providing a four person panel discussion on Mental Health/Substance Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. While their panel will be discussing not only the effects but they will also talk about the treatment process and programs VA has available in the treatment of these four serious illnesses for Veterans. Not only will they discuss treatment, they are also asking if any of you attending have any questions you would like specifically answered during the Q&A, if you would like to submit your questions ahead of time to me, I will consolidate them and forward them to the clinicians. They will read the questions during the Q&A session and provide answers for all present.

You will also note the Nashville Tennessee Area Director and her Chief Medical Officer will also be presenting on the Reimbursement Program for her region and with provide Indian Health Service updates as well.

Social Security is also presenting, so this would be a great time to ask about this new ‘faster-streamlined’ process they recently announced regarding their SSA disability claims process.

I also want to mention that the Department of Labor (while not speaking or presenting) will have a Vendor Booth available with information regarding several grant opportunities available to tribal nations. Some grants I am told are specific to Native American Veteran programs, and some of the grant information also applies to numerous other programs or services that might apply to your tribe. Great information to have – if not for now – for down the road, plus excellent contacts for when a tribe might consider applying for some of these DOL Grants later.

While I only touched on a few of the agenda items occurring at the Veterans Training Summit, this is not all encompassing.

Please feel free to forward these two attachments to any and all of your own list serv groups as well.

Thanks everyone, for those already enrolled – see you in two weeks, for those still needing to register and get a hotel room, you have until May 9th to get the tribal rate.
The Reservation Code, and hotel phone number is on the registration form.

Thanks again and have a great day!

Eastern Region Veterans Training Summit Agenda

Eastern Region Training Summit Registration Form