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Black History Month virtual discussion – Skin Color in Indian Country

February 22, 2022 @ 6:30 pm CST

In Honor of Black History Month Moskehtu Consulting has invited individuals from various tribes around the country to have a discussion highlighting the existing generational trauma in our communities regarding the color of skin in Indian Country.

The solutions that can be created from this discussion will come from how the panelist are still persevering through this trauma. Despite the challenges they have experience, they are thriving and preserving their rich culture and heritage.

The goal of this virtual experience is to help equip our viewers on how to properly approach and work with Native American communities when dealing with the topic of skin color.

WHAT: “Skin Color in Indian Country: Virtual Round Table”

Topics will cover generational trauma, the role of media, forced assimilation, and what we are individually doing to heal the community and continue to be stewards of the land and water regardless of the color of our skin.

WHEN: Feb 22nd @ 7:30 PM EST

WHY: To hear the story of the individuals who grew up in a native community experiencing mistreatment because of the color of their skin and hear how they are focused on continuing our ancestors’ responsibility to the land and the water.

WHO: Each panelist significantly contributes to the collective wellness of Indigenous people globally, whether it’s through art, storytelling, agriculture, music, or years of wisdom from collected oral history.



February 22, 2022
6:30 pm CST