24th Annual Mawiomi of Tribes Aroostook Band of Micmacs Caribou, ME August 17-19

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Pow-wows have changed over the years; In the early times, hunters would invite their friends and relatives to share their good fortune. As time went on, while the meal was being prepared, relatives would dance to honor their host. Eventually, dancing became the main focus of the event.  Participants began to use this time to display their weaving, craft-work, and other finery.  Pow-wows also had religious significance; they were an opportunity for families to hold naming and honor ceremonies.

Today, Pow-wows or celebrations, are very much a part of the lives of many Native Americans. It is a gathering where dancing, singing, and celebrations takes place.  Pow-wows bring the circle of people closer to their family, friends, and Native American culture. The 21st Annual Mawiomi of Tribes is an excellent opportunity for the Mik’maq communities to share that culture with the surroundings communities, and to host Native people from other areas. Come immerse yourself in the sights, the sounds, the history, and the present of a vibrant culture!

~Sunrise Blessing Ceremony
~Traditional Meals
~Traditional Drumming and Dancing
~Traditional Micmac Sweat Lodges
~Traditional Native Craft Sales
~Childrens’ games

The Mawiomi event takes place at
Spruce Haven, 214 Doyle Rd in Caribou, Maine


You are cordially invited to join us again in August in celebration of the Mawiomi of Tribes.
Bring your moccasins and a friend for a weekend to remember. Join us in tradition through
song, dance, food and ceremonies.


Mawiomi of Tribes
August 17-19, 2018
Spruce Haven
214 Doyle Rd, Caribou ME


John Dennis, Cultural Director
(207) 764-1972
(800) 355-1435

Mawiomi is a family event; no drugs or allowed allowed on the premises.