American Indian Film Fest 45 begins today – Friday, November 6 through 14


The 45th annual American Indian Film Festival® continues the American Indian Film Institute’s tradition of premiering the best of movies, music videos and original entertainment by, for and about American Indian and First Nations people, Nov. 6-14, 2020. This year – with 102 films, 55 world premieres and nine days of virtual/online screenings – the American Indian Film Festival maintains its focus on cinematic content that informs, educates, uplifts and invokes the catalyst of cathartic cultural exchange.

The American Indian Film Institute is the premier Native American media and cultural arts exposition in the West Coast and its annual film festival is the world’s oldest forum dedicated to Native American cinema. Each year the American Indian Film Festival® aims to provide a diverse audience of people from all nations, multigenerational, and local community with a passion for film and interest in Native people and life, and opportunity to meet, explore, experience and honor all those involved in the contemporary Native film industry.