CDC Foundation Contagious Conversations Podcast – Featuring USET/USET SPF Secretary Lynn Malerba, Chief Mohegan Tribe – July 22


Contagious Conversations  /  Episode 16: Raising Your Voice

Tradition and Collaboration in Tribal Communities

Chief Lynn Malerba has served as a registered nurse, as director of Cardiology and Pulmonary Services at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, as chairwoman of the Tribal Council and now as the first female Chief of the Mohegan Tribe. And she’s now drawing on this full history as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps disproportionately through the Native American population.

“As we think about working with Tribal Nations, we need to identify who the community is, how best to reach them, and what’s their tradition…We have to understand where they’re coming from, and what some of the cultural barriers are.” —Chief Lynn Malerba