Coushatta Tribe to Commemorate the 47th Anniversary of U.S. Re-Recognition

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Coushatta Tribe to Commemorate the
47th Anniversary of U.S. Re-Recognition

          ELTON, LOUISIANA (June 24, 2020) – The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana is commemorating its 47th Anniversary of Re-Recognition by the U.S. Government on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

On June 27, 1973, the United States Department of the Interior officially reinstated the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana’s historical relationship with the United States. Now, 47 years later, the Tribe is honoring countless years of hard work and sacrifice by generations of tribal elders and tribal families, past and present.

          The Tribal Council of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana signed an official proclamation, observing this historic date, by proclaiming the 27th of June of every year as Koasati Thoiliihchit Hokosobaitoha Nihta (Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana Re-Recognition Day).

          Ernest Sickey, who was the Tribal Chairman of the then 250-member Coushatta Tribe when it regained its Federal recognition in 1973, hailed the Federal action at that time, saying, “The Tribe has worked long and hard for this. The struggle has made us stronger and our victory will open the way to justice and a better life.”

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About the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana
After many years and hardships, including being illegally “terminated” without legislation during the Eisenhower administration, the Coushatta Tribe was officially re-recognized by the United States Government in 1973 and marked a major turning point in tribal history in 1985 with the election by popular vote of the first Coushatta tribal government.

From their earliest days as a proud, hard-working people struggling to maintain long-standing traditions in the face of possible relocation, the Coushatta Indians have endured and overcome every hardship they have faced and have remained on tribal lands in and around Elton, Louisiana, since the 1800s. Despite serious setbacks and some population dispersal, the tribe’s character and ideals have not only held fast, but have been strengthened. The Coushatta language, Koasati, is still spoken as a first language in the Coushatta community today.

The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana owns and operates Coushatta Casino Resort, which employs more than 1,450 area residents. For more information about the Tribe, visit For more information about the Coushatta Casino Resort, visit