FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION | Seeking Nominations for the Native Nations Broadband Task Force

FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION | Seeking Nominations for the Native Nations Broadband Task Force

Nominations Due:
May 15, 2014

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created the Native Nations Broadband Task Force in March 2011, which is comprised of senior FCC staff and elected or appointed leaders from federally-recognized tribes, or their designated employees. Members of the Task Force assist the FCC in development tribal recommendations to improve and promote broadband deployment and adoption on tribal lands. The Task Force is involved in many current, ongoing rulemakings at the FCC, including the modernization of the E-rate program and other Universal Service reforms.


How to Apply

Applicants must provide the following information when applying for the Task Force:

·     Name and position with respect to a particular federally-recognized tribal government;

·     Telephone number;

·     Mailing address and email address;

·     Brief description of the applicant’s area of expertise and qualifications to serve;

·     Nomination letter from the relevant elected/appointed tribal government official(s) supporting applicant to become a member of the Task Force; and

·     Applications must be emailed to Robert Finley at robert.finley@fcc.gov, Lyle Ishida at lyle.ishida@fcc.gov, and also to native@fcc.gov ;

·     If another method of delivery is needed please contact Robert Finley at (202) 418-7835 or at 1(800) 835-5322.


Applicants must also designate an alternate representative to participate in lieu of the Task Force member’s absence or unavailability to attend meetings. Selection of an alternate representative must also reflect the experiences and qualifications needed to compliment the functions of the Task Force. Also, a “designated employee” serving on behalf of an elected/appointed tribal government official must submit a copy of the officer’s designation letter. The “designated employee” must be an employee of a tribal government or involved in the tribal governmental process.


Duties and Responsibilities

A member of the Task Force must commit to the following:

·      Three-year term of service that includes participation in Task Force meetings

·      Task Force meets in-person twice a year

·      Four teleconferences meetings throughout the year

·      Task Force Members must attend 50 percent of the annual meetings, which includes one in-person meeting and at least two teleconferences

·       In-person meeting attendance is at the Task Force member’s own expense

·       Members must disclose an interests in, or connections to, persons or entities who are or will be regulated by the FCC, or who may have proceedings at the FCC


NCAI Contact Information: Brian Howard, Legislative Associate – bhoward@ncai.org