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Nation Building I & II
Nation Building I
This course examines issues contemporary Indigenous nations and communities face in the 21st century, including: political sovereignty, economic development, constitutional reform, cultural and language maintenance and promotion, land and water rights, religious freedom, health and social welfare, and education. Registration is available through the Kennedy School and the Graduate School of Education. This course takes place over the January term.

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What is a Nation Building II Project?
A Nation Building II project is a study of a public policy or management question by graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in Nation Building II:  Native Americans in the 21st Century.  The projects are conducted under the guidance of faculty with relevant expertise.  The study is completed for a client who is seeking assistance regarding a question or policy, or who is looking for recommendations on issues their organization is facing. This course takes place over the Spring term.

Course description
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Deadline for submitting a project proposal:  January 15
To submit, or if you have questions: Contact Eric Henson ehenson@compasslexecon.com and eric_henson@harvard.edu, or call Eric Henson at 617-216-1754.