ICT Article April 28 – White House re-establishes Council on Native American Affairs to support continued inter-agency coordination with Indian Country

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Council chaired by the Secretary of the Interior, includes major executive agencies and senior White House leadership

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U.S. Department of the Interior 

Today, the White House, in conjunction with U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt, re-established the White House Council on Native American Affairs under Executive Order 13647. The White House Council on Native American Affairs will continue the important inter-agency coordination of the Indian Country COVID-19 Response Team assembled by the White House in early March.

In addition to leading COVID-19 inter-agency response coordination with Indian Country, the Council will help drive Administration policy priorities supporting Indian Country, including economic development and rural prosperity, energy development, infrastructure, public health, cultural resources, public safety, veterans’ affairs and education & workforce development.

As of Monday, May 4, Tyler Fish will be detailed to the position of Executive Director of the Council. In this position, Mr. Fish will continue to coordinate inter-agency collaboration on policy matters important to Indian Country and will serve as a key liaison to Indian Country for the Administration, formalizing and elevating the work Tyler did as the Tribal Liaison in the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs since July 2019.

“Indian Affairs is proud to support the White House Council on Native American Affairs, which will help the Administration be even more responsive to Indian Country and effective in partnering with it” said Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Tara Sweeney. “We are looking forward to partnering with Tyler, whose proven leadership and legacy of bridge building throughout the Federal government is meaningful and beneficial for all of us in the Administration, Indian Country and Alaska Native communities.”

“Tyler has provided great leadership in driving collaboration with tribal leaders across the Nation and helped advance important missions including COVID-19 coordination and action on the issue of Missing and Murdered Native Americans,” said Doug Hoelscher, Deputy Assistant to the President & Director, White House Intergovernmental Affairs. “This next step in Tyler’s career will elevate his ability to be an invaluable collaboration leader for all of Indian Country and the Trump Administration.”

The Council is chaired by the Secretary of the Interior and includes major executive agencies and senior White House leadership. The Council was established to provide improved coordination of Federal programs and the use of resources available to Tribal communities.

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