Jagged Justice Call with Women of Color Network, Inc. 5:00 pm ET July 23

Join the next Women of Color Network, Inc.
Jagged Justice Call
July 23, 2018
5:00 PM EDT

WOCN, Inc. is hosting another #JaggedJustice call to provide space and opportunity to talk about our experiences and concerns, continue building collective actions and lift up our wellness and healing as radical forms of resistance while seeking our collective liberation.

We have invited a distinguished panel of women of color advocates and activists to discuss the current political climate and our anti-violence work: Debra Majeed, PhD.; Rocio Molina, JD; Doris Mukangu, MPH; and Ho-Thanh Nguyen.

Join us as we discuss the impact of separating immigrant children from their parents and placing them in camps, the SCOTUS decision and its impact on victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking. What are the implications for our work with undocumented, immigrant, refugee and Muslim survivors and their communities? How can we respond to this #JaggedJustice in an environment where people are criminalized and shamed for protesting?  How do we bring about healing, wellness and do our work in this violent and traumatic environment?

Women of color and aspiring allies who work with individuals and families living at the intersections of personal and state violence need to hear and give voice to these injustices.
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