Location for new Henrietta casino chosen

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Henrietta, N.Y. — The Seneca Nation of Indians has identified a parcel of land it plans to use for a new casino.

“They are in the process of securing that property,” said Jack Moore, Henrietta town supervisor.

It would be built in what is called a planned commercial district, or PCD, said William Mulligan Jr., a town board member.

The specific area was not disclosed to board members, said Moore and Mulligan. The general area chosen is Henrietta’s commercial corridor, between Jefferson Road and West Henrietta, with Interstate 390 as the southern boundary.

It would be visible from the expressway, but may not be directly on densely packed Jefferson Road, according to Mulligan.

Henrietta’s town board met with Seneca representatives during a trip to its casinos in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, according to Moore.

“We went to get a feel for how they intergrated themselves in the community,” said Moore.

The board, however, did not leave the casino grounds, in part because of weather, added Moore.

Both Moore and Mulligan said they are uneasy with the idea of a casino in Henrietta but are keeping an open mind.

“I’ve never been a fan of casinos to start with personally,” Moore said. “I’m looking for to see what type of financial assitance they are going to give the town, it being the host community. I’m looking to see what kinds of jobs.

“They are going to bring to the community, and I want to make sure they are not going to hurt the other businesses that are here in the community.”

“I’ve got an open mind on it because number one, from what I understand from the attorneys, if they wanted to press it (they could) — and they really didn’t take that opportunity,” Mulligan said.

Messages left for the Seneca Nation and developer David Flaum were not returned.

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