Native aunties: ‘We’re going to take back the country’

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Annual lunch honors Native women for ‘supporting each other’

This is what it’s like to have fun in Indian Country.

A lunch to honor Native women supporting each other in the political world was running about 25 minutes late. Yet no one seemed to mind.

Especially after Stacy A. Bohlen, Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa, took a mic check to the next level.

She sang: “He was a credit to his gender. Well he really worked me over good. Just like a Waring blender. Woe pitiful me, woe woe pitiful me. Oh these boys won’t let me be. Lord have mercy on me.” Then she tried to get Rachel Joseph to join in a duet.

The 15 people in the room laughed and took pictures. It was a warm-up to what was to come for the next hour and a half at the 25th National Indian Women’s “Supporting Each Other” Honoring Lunch in Washington, D.C.

Bohlen, who serves as the executive director for the National Indian Health Board, came off the stage and said, “Ah, you know I like to have fun.