Native Business Magazine Article: Native Pride Provides PPE & Immune-Boosting Juices to Healthcare & First Responders – April 11

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by Native Business Staff | Apr 11, 2020 | EntrepreneurshipHappening NowNews |

Native Pride Provides PPE & Immune-Boosting Juices to Healthcare & First Responders

JC Seneca (right), his wife, Nicole and Native Pride General Manager Brendan LeBeau distribute the PPE and juices. (Courtesy Native Pride)

In acknowledgement of the sacrifices being made by healthcare providers and first responders, Native Pride has expanded its truck driver giveaway of immune-boosting juices to include Seneca Fire, Seneca Nation Marshals, The Health Centers, and Community Health and Wellness Centers on both the Cattaraugus and Allegany Territories. Additionally, the Irving, New York-based business has donated 120 N-95 masks and over 1,500 pairs of protective gloves to those same locations. According to Native Pride Owner JC Seneca, a member of the Seneca Nation, reaching out and supporting these groups is part of his business mission.

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“While we continue to support professional truck drivers who are working long hours on the road during this stressful period, it is important to be aware of the needs in our own community,” Seneca said. “On Seneca Nation Territories, our first responders and healthcare workers are coming to work every day in the face of dangerous odds. That is a dedication we need to support, by supplying starter packs of the immune-boosting juices as well as masks and gloves they are lacking and desperately need to ensure personal safety in their jobs. It’s our part of our mission here at Native Pride. It’s what we do.”

JC Seneca in front of Native Pride Travel Plaza, located on prime real estate, off Exit 58 on the New York State Thruway I-90. Native Pride offers fuel pumps, a convenience store and diner, the latter limited to take-out only amid COVID-19. (Photo by Nicole Seneca)

Brandon LeBeau is the General Manager of Native Pride. From the fuel pumps to the convenience store, he is on the frontline when it comes to the pulse of the Seneca community. He notes that recent conversation among customers has included concern about first responders and healthcare workers not having the needed equipment to deal with COVID-19 situations.

“I hear it from our customers. I hear it on the news. There is a need for masks and gloves,” LeBeau said. “I  ordered both for our employees and, right now, we have more than enough. It only seemed right to share what we have with the first responders and healthcare workers who are in direct contact with the virus every day. It also seemed beneficial to provide them with the immune-boosting juices. It’s a small way to give back to them for all they are doing and we’re glad to do it.”

As a Native Press release states: the immune-booster juices are being supplied in collaboration with Azalia’s Juicery, using their whole fruit and whole vegetable formula that provides a complete nutritional beverage in a bottle. The juicery maintains a location in the Native Pride Convenience Store in response to truck driver’s requests for healthier foods and drink alternatives.

Native Pride is open 24-hours, seven days a week. Currently, the diner is serving take-out only. The convenience store remains open around the clock. The immune-juice giveaway for professional truck drivers requires that they check-in on a Native Pride social media site. It will be in effect until April 30th.