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There are a few advantages and opportunities for opening a business catering to Native American communities. By following the guide below, you will learn all about the things you need to consider such as tribal law, the differences in tax law, and tribal authority.

This guide is for people who are wanting to operate their business on tribal lands, or for Native Americans who want to open their own business.


Setting up in business can seem daunting, especially if you’re thinking of starting up in an area that is deprived. It’s important that you make sure that you’ve done your research and found out how to stop your business from going under. One important tip is to make sure that your bills aren’t too high. This includes tax bills, electricity bills and mortgages. To make sure you get the best deals on your business gas rates, visit a comparison site like Utility Bidder.

In response to the huge inequalities faced in the past, Native American governments have acquired some benefits and incentives to encourage growth within their community. Entrepreneurs, both non-tribal and tribal members