PamunkeyNET to Bring Broadband to Middle Peninsula 5/16/2018

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PamunkeyNET to Bring Broadband to Middle Pennisula

High speed internet access is an important topic in rural Virginia. The GO Virginia State Board has approved a proposal by the Pamunkey Indian Tribe to develop and build broadband service on the middle peninsula.

Chief Robert Gray said the Peninsula Planning District Commission has been working for some time to bring high speed internet, but with little success. “After we gained federal recognition they thought our involvement could help bridge certain divisions and access federal grants that could help.”

For the tribe, he said, it was an easy decision. “We want broadband for ourselves so it seemed like a good fit for us to step in and help make the project a reality. PamunkeyNET was a proposed wireless system that would serve the entire region operated by the Pamunkey Tribe.”

Over the next three years, Broadband will come to King William, Gloucester, Essex, Mathews, Middlesex, and King and Queen counties.

The project includes the planning district commission, two community colleges, ten localities and two electric co-ops.