Poarch Creek Indians host annual handicap hunt 1/27/2018

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Poarch Creek Indians host annual handicap hunt

ATMORE, Ala. (WKRG) – Poarch Creek Indians and Wind Creek Atmore have teamed up with local nonprofit Wheelin’ Outdoor Adventures for the third annual Handicap Hunt.

The two-day event allows people with disabilities to come together to hunt at the Poarch Creek Indians Hunting Club.

People from across the region come to the annual event. Chris Ratcliff came here from Virginia. He has been in a wheelchair for over 30 years after he broke his back in a construction accident. He travels across the country to attend handicap hunts.

“No amount of money is going to buy your way on to some of these places and we’re just fortunate that they let us come and do what we get to do,” said Ratcliff.

Gene White with Wheelin’ Outdoor Adventures says the Poarch Creek Indians have been a great partner with them over the years.

“You’ll see some of the houses that they’ve built for the handicapped people and they’re great,” said White.

There are a handful of modified hunting houses on the Poarch Creek Indians hunting grounds. They have a wheelchair accessible house at ground level with a covered house on a second story for the person a handicapped person is hunting with.

Members of the Poarch Creek Indians Hunting Club say the handicap hunt is one of their favorite events of the year.

“We’re not injured or disabled and half of us won’t even get out of bed to come and hunt,” said Kevin Rackard. “To see these guys and the conditions they have get out and hunt is definitely something.”