Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Utility held their 2nd Annual Water Day Celebration on Tuesday, May 22. It was a Great Success!

Water Day 2018 @ Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe was a great success!

The Drinking Water Contest, held at the High School, brought in 79 participants and there were (4) water samples; Tap water, High School water, Walmart brand water, and Poland Spring.

Below are some funny comments received during the contest:

A: Infrastructure Building Tap

• “The world needs to know” (meaning it’s great!)

• “That’s spicy”

• “Chlorine”

• “Has Flavor”

B: School Water

• “This is awful”

• “Alka-Seltzer”

• “Saline Solution”

• “Tastes like the schools”

• “Salt Water”

• “Cold”

C: Walmart Brand Drinking Water

• “Definitely Disani”

• “Tasted springy”

D: Poland Spring

• No comments

Contest Results:

A(Tap): 22 votes

B(School): 5 votes

C(Walmart): 24 votes

D(Poland): 28 votes

45 students joined the Water Treatment plant tour. The day began with a presentation of the system at the High School, followed by the tour. We were unable to tour the wastewater (WW) facility due to stronger than usual odors. This brought on the idea of having a virtual WW plant tour for future events. Lunch was provided by Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, followed by trivia and prizes.

This event was enjoyed by all attendees and discussion has already begun on planning for next years.

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