USET Newsletter January – March 2014, Volume 1 – Issue 1



Friends and Colleagues:

So much has been accomplished this

winter and early spring and it has been as a result of our unity and hearts being in the right place. Now the pleasure will be yours as your heart is filled with our accomplishments. As we move through the next few months, we must continue to carry our unified energy and work to address challenges in our region and across Indian Country. We must address issues like taxation, the Carcieri Fix, Trust Reform, the Farm Bill and our Indian Budget. Our success will rely on Tribal Leaders continuing to be heavily involved with these meetings and addressing these critical issues.

Our mission to protect Tribal sovereignty and advance the great legacy of our Tribal Nations is being actively fulfilled through strong dedication of Tribal Leadership, collective membership and our staff support. In order to protect sovereignty, Tribal capacity must be built and strengthened so we have the ability to overcome challenges and realize new opportunity that leads to prosperity. USET works daily to provide resources to our Tribes in the form of information, training, technical assistance, and service. I am proud of our high functioning organization, which is making great progress to see that our Tribal sovereignty is strong and future is rewarding.

TOGETHER we are making a difference with our unity. STRONGER is what we are becoming every day. TRANSCENDING our challenges and the historic trauma that has too often been the Indian Country theme is what we are doing. Please take time to read our accomplishments from this past quarter and take note of things that are yet to come. I am excited to see how the next quarter will be for USET.

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