Vibrant Photos From the 68th Annual Labor Day Shinnecock Powwow

By: Cliff Matias

Large Crowds and great weather made the 68th Annual Labor Day Shinnecock Powwow a perfect end of summer celebration. The pow wow was held in South Hampton, New York.

The four-day pow wow attracted many of the country’s top singers and dancers with some coming from as far away as California. Lance Gumbs, the former tribal chairman and current Vice President of the National Congress of the American Indian, attended the event.

“Even though our reserve is surrounded by some of the richest real estate in the country, our people have managed to hold on to our culture and traditions for over 400 years,” Gumbs said. “We hope they will come away with an understanding that we are still here still vibrant and still strong.”

For dancers and singers, the pow wow displayed both southern and northern dance categories, drum contests, hand drum contests and various specials. If you plan on dancing at next year’s event, be sure you bring your tent and sleeping bag because hotels in the Hamptons are not in the budget of most people on the pow wow trail.