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The Fire within USET

April 27, 2015


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THE BEAT IN DC – A Publication of the USET Sovereignty Protection Fund

April 2015
December 2014

USET SPF Action Alerts

Senate Committee Assignments Announced for 114th Congress; House & Subcommittees Still Organizing


  • Contract Support Costs

–  HSDW Memo: Omnibus Appropriations Bill Includes CSC Increases; Self Governance Advisory Committee Endorses CSC Workgroup Recommendations on Long-Term Solutions
–  USET Joins Inter-Tribal Comments Supporting Mandatory Funding for CSC
–  HSDW Memo: Update on Contract Support Costs
–  HSDW Memo: IHS Updates Tribes on Past-Year CSC Claims, FY 2014 Reconciliation, CSC Appropriations, and New Voluntary Timelines 1.26.2015
–  IHS Dear Tribal Leader Letter 1.22.2015: Update on Contract Support Costs
–  HSDW Memo: CSC Updates – IHS Holds CSC Workgroup Teleconference, Schedules Early January Meeting
–  HSDW Memo: Cromnibus Funding Bill Contains CSC Increases

Contract Support Costs Archive

  • Federal Appropriations

Fiscal Year 2015

– NCAI Report on FY 2015 Appropriations ‘Cromnibus’ Bill and Tribal Programs
– Cromnibus Status: Washington Post: Senate to Consider Spending Bill Before New Saturday Deadline

Fiscal Year 2015 Archive
Fiscal Year 2014 Archive
Fiscal Year 2013 Archive

  • Federal Budget Process/Timeline

– Congressional Research Service Report – April 16 – Advance Appropriations, Forward Funding, and Advance Funding:  Concepts, Practice, and Budget Process Considerations

  • Indian Health Services (IHS) Budget Formulation Workgroup
  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
  • Uniform Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for federal Awards

– Measuring the Impact of the Uniform Guidance – New Feedback Tool Posted on the COFAR Website
– NAFOA: OMB Issues Interim Final Rule on Uniform Guidance
– HSDW Memo: Office of Management and Budget Instructions on FY 2015 Continuing Resolution – 9.26.2014
– August 29, 2014, the Council on Financial Assistance Reform (COFAR) released a second set of frequently asked questions on implementing the Uniform Grant Guidance in response to stakeholder questions.

OMB Archive

  • President’s Budget Request

–  Bureau of Indian Affairs FY 2016 Budget Justification
–  FY 2016 President’s Budget Request
–  Summary of President’s FY 2016 Budget Request for DOI Indian Programs
–  NCAI Analysis of the FY 2016 President’s Budget Request
–  Bureau of Indian Affairs FY 2016 Budget Request
–  Indian Health Service FY 2016 Budget Request
–  Department of Housing and Urban Development FY 2016 Budget Request
–  FY 2016 Analytical Perspectives
–  Obama to Propose Spending $74B more in 2016 than Mandatory Spending Cuts
–  House Interior Appropriations Announces AI/AN Public Witness Hearings on FY 2016 Budget

  • Tribal Interior Budget Council (TIBC)

– Handouts from DOI/BIA TIBC Meeting in Spokane, WA July 30-31, 2013
– Budget and Appropriations Strategy for the DOI Self-Governance Advisory Committee and Technical Workgroup Quarterly Meeting – NCAI Presentation


– House Natural Resources Subcommittee Assignments
– Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-CA) named Ranking Member of House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Indian, Insular, and Alaska Native Affairs
– Senate Committee Assignments Announced for 114th Congress
– HSDW: Status of Indian-Related Legislation in 114th Congress



– Advisory Council on Historic Preservation: The National Historic Preservation Act has moved

  • Indian Arts & Crafts

– Native Arts & Culture Foundation April News
– Article:  Drastic Amendment Proposed to Indian Arts and Crafts Act Change Would Open Doors for Non-Natives to Claim Authenticity – About Rahall Amendment to American Indian Arts & Crafts Act

– HSDW Memo: Attorney General Holder Announces Indian Child Welfare Act Compliance Initiative
– Shadow Report to UN to Protect ICWA and AI/AN Children 7.1.2014

  • Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl

– Article: “Attorneys Seek $1M from Cherokee Father and Cherokee Nation”
– NICWA and NCAI Applaud United Nations Anaya for Calling on United States to Protect Veronica’s Human Rights

Indian Child Welfare Act Archive

  • Mascot
    • Washington Redsk*ns

H.R. 1278 – Non-Disparagement of Native Americans in Trademark Registration Act

– NCAI Kickstarter Campaign Raising Funds to Air Next Anti-Mascot Ad During Superbowl
– Article: FCC Considering Ban on Redsk*ns Nickname, Punishment for Announcers”
– Video:  The Daily Show Goes in on Redsk*ns Name Controversy
– Article/Video:  “Senator Ties NFL Tax Status to Redsk*ns Name”

Washington Mascot Change Archive

      • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

–  Federal Register – Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Regulations

      • Other

– Carlisle Farmhouse Press Release 4.9.2014
– ICT Article 10.9.2012:  “Carlisle Indian Industrial School Farmhouse is Safe, For Awhile”

      • Sacred Sites

– Sacred Sites MOU Progress Report May 2014
MOU among US DOD, DOI, DOA, DOE & Advisory Council on Historic Preservation regarding Interagency Coordination and Collaboration for the Protection of Indian Sacred Sites December 2012 

Sacred Sites Archive


  • Administration on Children and Families

– USET Submits Comments on Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) Funding Formula


  • CDFI

– NAFOA Policy Alert: Congress Waives Matching Requirement for FY 2015 Native CDFI Financial Assistance Awards in Omnibus Appropriations Bill
– CDFI Fund Update: New Capacity Building Initiative Training Focuses on Native CDFIs

  • Gaming

– Social Security Administration Guidance Clarifies Certain IGRA Trusts will not Disqualify Members from SSI Benefits
– NIGA Legislative Alert: Internet Gaming Legislation During Lame Duck Session of Congress
Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA): Gaming on Newly Acquired Lands – CRS Report 01.17.2014
– The National Indian Gaming Commission announces Hatfield as Director of Compliance to the Commission

Gaming Archive

  • Small Business Administration (SBA)

– US SBA New HUBZone Designations Effective January 1
– Changes in SBAs HUBZone Counties Designations
National Defense Authorization Act Update

SBA Section 8 Archive

  • SBA 8(a) Contracting

– HSDW Memo: SBA Proposes Changes to Tribal 8(a) and Mentor-Protégé Program Rules

  • Tobacco

– Webinar for Deeming Tobacco Products May 29 12:30 – 4:30 EST Dear Tribal Leader Letter and Attachments
– FDA Tobacco Product Guidance Compliance Regulatory Information
– FDA Compliance and Enforcement Report – Center for Tobacco Products, Office of Compliance and Enforcement
– FDA issued new “Deeming” proposed rule – learn about it and how to participate 5.2.2014
– Tribal Deeming Letter 4.25.2014
– Summary of the Deeming Proposed Rule 4.23.2014

  • USC Title 25 Chapter 44 – Native American Business Development, Trade Promotion, and Tourism

–  USC Title 25 Chapter 44

  • DelBene

–  DelBene Bill – To Amend the Native American Business Development, Trade Promotion, and Tourism Act of 2000


– White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education School Environment Listening Tour Conference Call – Monday, November 3rd 4-5PM EDT
– Senator Tester, Chairman Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Announces New Legislation (Comprehensive Native Education Bill, soon-to-be-released) at NIEA October 2014

Education Archive

  • Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)

– US Govt Accountability Office Report:  Indian Affairs BIE Needs to Improve Oversight of School Spending – November 2014
– BIE Sovereignty in Indian Education Grants – Teleconference Calls:  Wednesdays weekly 3:30 pm EDT
– White House Fact Sheet – Education

BIE Archive

  • Department of Education

– Native American English Learners Re-opens Request for Information – Deadline August 2

  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

– USET Signs onto Inter-Tribal Support Letter for Greater Tribal Self-Determination in ESEA
– NCAI Alert: Senate HELP Committee Releases Discussion Draft of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act – Accepting Comments Through Feb. 2
– 114th Senate ESEA Discussion Draft
– 114th Senate ESEA Press Release
– Senate ESEA TEA Tribal Letter Template
– ESEA TEA Project One-pager
– NIEA Thanks You For Preserving Native Education Funding

Elementary and Secondary Education Act Archive

  • Esther Martinez Native American Languages Preservation Act

– USET Resolution Urging Congress to Reauthorize the Esther Martinez Native American Languages Preservation Act

  • Johnson O’Malley

–  Bureau of Indian Education Updating Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Student Count – Deadline EXTENDED: December 31, 2014
–  BIE Updating Johnson O’Malley Student Count: Deadline September 15
–  Bureau of Indian Education Updating Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Student Count  – to be completed by September 15
–  Open letter to President Barack Obama from Carla Mann, President National Johnson-O’Malley Association : The Obama Blueprint for Reform of Indian Education June 2014
–  Johnson O’Malley Bill as Introduced 03.27.2014: H.R. 4328. A bill to establish a program to award contracts to certain tribal organizations, Indian corporations, public school districts, and States, and for other purposes; to the Committee on Education and the Workforce


–  Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Leadership Contact Information
–  NRCS Regional Boundaries Map
–  Participating USET Tribes in NRCS

  • Climate Change

–  President’s Comments on Climate Change at UN Climate Summit September 23
–  Climate Change Science and Modeling – New Interactive Online Educational Module
–  Key Messages for everyone to know about Climate Change
–  New Guide Provides Conservation Guidance in a Changing Climate  
–  National Climate Assessment released, bracing for a tough fire season and more This Week at Interior 5.16.2014
–  New Report – What Climate Change Means for Your Community 
–  U.S. Global Change Research Program releases the Third National Climate Assessment

  • Energy

–  Senate Approves Keystone XL Construction, Sends back to House, White House Re-Issues Veto Threat
–  House of Representatives Approves Keystone XL Pipeline Construction
–  HSDW Memo: EPA Issues Proposed Rule for Carbon Emissions in Indian Country, Comments Due December 19th
–  US DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy: Learn about the Energy Market in your community
–  EERE State & Local Energy Data Tool Video
–  HSDW Memo 3.21.2014: Tribal Energy Development Bill Introduced by Senator Barrasso
–  First-ever Inter-Tribal Energy Tech Tour with Native Youth + additional Energy & Tech News from IC

Energy Archive

  • EPA
  • Clean Air

–  HSDW Memo 1.27.2014:  D. C. Circuit Court Vacates Clean Air Act Rule for New Source Review With Respect to Indian Country That Is Not Within an Indian Reservation

  • Clean Water

– Public Comment Period Extended to November 14th for Clean Water Proposal
– Nancy Stoner, Acting Assistant Administrator for Water – Setting the Record Straight on Waters of the U.S. July 1, 2014

  • Gap Guidance

–  USET Comments on proposed “Guidance on the Award and Management of General Assistance Agreements for Tribes and Intertribal Consortia”

  • Solid Waste

–  Final Release of The Environmental Protection Agency-Wide Plan to Provide Solid Waste Management Capacity Assistance to Tribes

EPA Archive

  • Fracking
  • Hydraulic Fracturing

–  EPA Seeking Public Comment on Enhancing Transparency for Chemicals and Mixtures Used in Hydraulic Fracturing Comments due August 9


– Farm Bill Suggestion Tribal Help Session Webinar, Tuesday 14 October 2014, 11AM EDT, 10AM CDT, 9 AM MDT, 8AM PDT
– Farm Bill Roll Out Sunday, June 1st @ Bar Harbor Regency (Proctor Ballroom) Bar Harbor, ME 2:30 – 4:00
– Congress Passes Farm Bill – HR 2642 Feb 2014
– Farm Bill Conference Summary
– House Agriculture Committee Democrats – Report on Republican Nutrition Cuts
– SNAP: One-Pager–Tribal Unity Days 2013 
– NIEA Joint Organizational SNAP Letter
      o   SNAP Letter Template 
– US Senate Approves 2013 Farm Bill


– Nationwide Programmatic Agreement Regarding the Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act Review Process
– Appendix B within Nationwide Programmatic Agreement (Agreement between FCC/ACHP and association of SHPO)
– Voluntary Best Practices for Expediting the Process of Communications Tower and Antenna Siting Review Pursuant to Section 106 of National Historic Preservation Act
– Best Practices for Applicant and Tribes in the Communications Facilities Siting Process – Flow Chart

  • Broadband

–  FCC Takes the Next Step in the E-Rate Modernization Process
–  President Requests Internet Reclassification to a Utility Service under Title II of Telecommunications Act
–  FCC Extends Deadline to July 3 for Nominations to FCC Native Nations Broadband Task Force
–  FCC Seeks Nominations to FCC-Native Nations Broadband Task Force Submission Deadline May 15

  • Cell Tower Placement

–  USET/FCC Best Practices Document Cell Tower Placement 10.25.2004

  • Positive Train Control/Railroad

–  FCC – Implementation of Positive Train Control and Creation of $10 Million Cultural Resource Fund for Tribal Nations
–  NATHPO Comments on Revised FCC Program Comment May 5, 2014

FCC Archive


–  FEMA Releases Tribal Nations Pocket Guide October 2014
–  FEMA IGA Advisory: FY 2015 Consumer Price Index (CPI) Adjustments
–  Ready Indian Country – Join the Campaign:  Prepare for Emergencies in Tribal Nations
–  National Preparedness Month Digital Engagement Toolkit

FEMA Archive

  • Stafford Act

–  FEMA Announces New Dispute Resolution Pilot Program for Public Assistance Applicants

Stafford Act Archive


–  Interior Proposes Reform of Federal Acknowledgment Regulations – Proposed rule would address “broken” process May 22, 2014
–  Asst Secretary Washburn Extends Comment Period on Federal Recognition Regulations
       o  Press Release

Federal Recognition Archive

  • Native Hawaiian

–  The Heritage Foundation Article (8.18.2014):  The Obama Administration’s Attempt to Balkanize Hawaii
–  Letter dated August 1, 2014 from Senators Flake, Alexander, Coburn & Lee to Secretary Jewell Re: Opposition to Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking issued June 20, 2014


–  IHS “Dear Tribal Leader” Letter on Resource Patient Management System (RPMS)
–  IHS Announces All Tribes Call on Monday Oct. 20 4:00 pm EDT

–  FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE Project:  In response to the crisis of diabetes and related health issues among its members, the Seneca Nation has joined with the Seneca Diabetes Foundation to establish the Food Is Our Medicine (FIOM) Project. FIOM’s goal is to restore the health and well-being of the Seneca Nation community by reintroducing Native American food systems, Native models of nutrition, indigenous land management, and sustainable food production practices. Although only in existence since February of 2013, FIOM has amassed a truly impressive list of accomplishments:
Native Planting Policy instituted, the first indigenous plant policy in Indian Country
Seneca Nation Farmers Market established at the Cattaraugus Territory
Elders’ Circle established to provide a venue to share traditional plant knowledge
Planting to Plate Youth Initiative begun at the Allegany Education Department
Third 5K Run/Walk scheduled for the 2014 Seneca Nation Fall Festival

  • Advance Appropriations

–  Congressional Research Service Report – April 16 – Advance Appropriations, Forward Funding, and Advance Funding:  Concepts, Practice, and Budget Process Considerations
–  USET Testimony to SCIA on Advance Appropriations for IHS April 2 2014
       o  USET Resolution 2013:046 Support for Alternative Funding Options for the Indian Health Service

Advance Appropriations Archive

  • Affordable Care Act

–  HSDW Memo: IRS Releases Final ACA Exemption Form and Instructions
       o  Form
       o   Instructions
–  HSDW Memo: U.S. House of Representatives Files Complaint Against Administration over ACA
–  HSDW Memo: Supreme Court Grants Cert in King V. Burwell and Will Determine Availability of the ACA’s Premium Tax Credits on Federal Exchanges – Nov 7 2014
–  Certiorari granted in King v. Burwell

ACA Archive

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

–  Comments of the United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Tribal Consultation Policy and State-Tribal Consultation October 1, 2014
–  HSDW Memo Sept 8, 2014:  CMS Requests Feedback on Tribal Consultation Policy
–  Dear Tribal Leader Letter – CMS Tribal Consultation Policy All Tribes’ Call – Sept 15 1:30 – 3:00 pm EDT
–  HSDW Memo “Report on MMPC and TTAG Meetings” 7.31.2014


–  HSDW Memo:  HIPAA Compliance Deadlines Approaching; Tribal Technical Advisory Group to CMS Holds Monthly Call
–  HSDW Memo: Big Changes to HIPAA Requirements – The Megarule

  • Indian Health Care Improvement Act

–  HSDW Memo: Second Alaska Federal Court Decision Interpreting Section 206 of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act – October 20, 2014

  • Native Contract and Rate Expenditure (CARE) Act (previously – Medicare-Like Rates)

–  USET Provides Comments to IHS on Proposed Rule Implementing Medicare-Like Rates for Non-Hospital Services
       o   USET Redline of Proposed Rule
–  HSDW Memo: IHS releases Proposed Rule Implementing Medicare-Like Rates, Comments due January 20, 2015 
       o   IHS MLR Rule
–  USET Letter Requesting Consultation on Medicare Like Rates Regulation – November 17 2014
–  USET Press Release – USET Praises Introduction of Native CARE Act June 13, 2014

Medicare-Like Rates Archive

  • Purchased-Referred Care (previously – Contract Health Services)

–  GAO Report: IHS Opportunities May Exist to Improve the CHS program

  • Self-Governance

–  HSDW Memo: HHS Office of Inspector General Issues Alert to Tribes on Use of ISDEAA and Third Party Funds

  • Special Diabetes Program for Indians

–  SDPI Extended for an Additional Year 03.31.14
–  House Passes 1-year SDPI Extension, Patch to SGR 03.27.2014
–  Please Take a Brief Survey for NIHB concerning SDPI Renewal

SDPI Archive


–  New Eastern Woodlands Administrator Announced – Mark Butterfield begins August 24
–  Draft Second Round Promise Zone Application Materials Posted for Public Comment – closes June 16

  • Housing Improvement Program (HIP)

–  Proposed HIP Changes – April 2014
–  FY2014 Budget: Partial Restoration of Housing Improvement Program (HIP) Feb 28 Application Deadline

  • HUD 184 Loan Program

–  HUD Dear TL Letter 1.26.2015: Seeking Input on Design of VASH Demonstration Program to provide critical housing assistance & supportive services Send Reponses by 2.25.2015
–  Obama Administration Announces Competition to Designate Next Round of Promise Zones- Webinars September 29th & October 1st
–  US HUD Letter to Tribal Leaders dated May 16, 2014 Re: Tribal Consultation – Possible Regulatory Changes
–  Letter to Tribal Leaders Announcing Change in Admin Policy for Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee
–  Section 184 Loan Limits 2014
–  Section 184 Guidelines Training and Forms

HUD 184 Loan Program Archive


–  NAHASDA Reauthorization Bill H.R. 360 Introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives
–  HSDW Memo: NAHASDA Reauthorization Passes House, Needs Action in Senate
       o   NAHASDA Reauthorization House Bill
–  2014 Inventory Changes & Portal Lockdown for 2015 Renewal Quoting – AMERIND NAHASDA Protection Program July 14-August 1
–  Newly Released GAO Report on Native American Housing 03.27.2014
–  NCAI NAHASDA Reauthorization Task Force  NCAI Contact: Gwen Salts (Gwen_Salts@ncai.org)
–  NAIHC Legislative Committee(current focus is NAHASDA Reauthorization) NAIHC Contact: Shawn Pensoneau (spensoneau@naihc.net)


  • Other

–  HUD VASH Program Dear Tribal Leader Letter January 26, 2015
–  July issue of the Silver Jackets newsletter, flood risk management community
–  GAO Native American Housing – Additional Actions Needed to Better Support Tribal Efforts March 2014
–  New Notification of Availability of FEMA Mobile Homes – Deadline July 8th
–  Programs of HUD Book – 2013


  • United Nations

–  Joint Submission to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – Concerning Religious Freedoms of Indigenous Persons Deprived of Their Liberty in the United States of America – August 1

  • United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

–  State Department Follow-up Consultation to World Conference on Indigenous Peoples
–  Draft Negotiations on UNDRIP to Resume on Organization of American States in DC February 9 – 11
        o  Record of Current Status
        o   Work Plan
 –  In relation to the US Combined 7th, 8th and 9th Periodic Reports – Report to U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Re: American Indigenous Prisoners’ Religious Rights August 1, 2014
–  Shadow Report to UN to Protect ICWA and AI/AN Children 7.1.2014
–  Save the Date – May 20 NYC – Discussion on an implementing mechanism for UNDRIP
–  ACHP Plan to support UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples

  • World Conference On Indigenous Peoples (WCIP)

–  February 26: State Department Follow-up Consultation to World Conference on Indigenous Peoples
–  March 3-5: Open-Ended Indigenous Peoples Meeting as a Follow-up to WCIP
–  March 9-20: UN Commission on Status of Women Meeting
–  April 20-May 1:  UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples at UN Headquarters
–  June 15-July 3: Human Rights Council, Geneva
–  July 20-24: Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Geneva
–  September 14-October 2: Human Rights Council, Geneva
–  UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples – Update from Successful Meetings
–  Update and information for Participants in the UN World Conference – Sept 18
–  Less than 3 Weeks Away!  WCIP Update – August 25, 2014
–  Report back from the July 16 informal consultation on the World Conference outcome document
–  Zero draft World Conference outcome document and July 16 Consultation

World Conference On Indigenous Peoples Archive


  • Marijuana

–  Justice Department Releases Policy Statement on Marijuana Issues in Indian Country

  • Tobacco

–  DOJ Invitation to Consult on the Contraband Cigarette Trafficking Act

–  DOJ Releases Second Report to Congress on Indian Country Investigations and Prosecutions – 8.26.2014
–  HSDW Memo: “Indian Law and Order Commission Report” 2.3.2014
–  A Road Map for Making Native America Safer—as required by the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010, Public Law 111-211 (TLOA)


–  HSDW Memo: Ninth Circuit Upholds Tribal Hiring Preference 14-081 Oct 8, 2014
–  Workforce Investment Act of 2013 Introduced in the U.S. Senate
         o   S.1356 Bill:  Workforce Investment Act of 2013 
–  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Continues to Distinguish Between Tribal Preference and Indian Preference


–  Assistant Secretary Washburn Announces Extended Comment Period for Proposed Rights-of-Way Rule to Nov. 3

  • Carcieri                             

Cole Carcieri Bill H.R. 249 Information
Co-Sponsors of H.R. 249
McCollum H.R. 407 Bill

–  Gambling Compliance article: Republicans Vow to Push for Carcieri Fix
H.R. 249: Carcieri Fix Bill introduced in House by Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK)
H.R. 407: Carcieri Fix Bill introduced in House by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN)
HSDW Memo: DC District Court Upholds Interior Decision to Take Land into Trust for Cowlitz Tribe
Court Opinion
USET Amicus Brief (State of AL vs PCI Gaming Authority) – Filed Sept 17, 2014
Letter to Clerk with Amicus Brief – Sept 17
Carcieri Litigation Update September 2014 – NARF
Tribal Supreme Court Project – Case Updates 9.24.2014
Article: “Obama Official Says Congress Faces More Work Without Carcieri Fix” 7.16.2014
June 19 letter to Reid & McConnell from US Chamber of Commerce RE: IC Economic Development, S2188 & S2132 and S165, 1507, 1477

Carcieri-Patchak Archive

  • Related Litigation

–  Amicus Brief FILED: Harrison Family v PCI Gaming May 13, 2014
–  Motion for leave to file Amicus Brief – Harrison Family v PCI Gaming May 13, 2014

  • Cowlitz

–  BIA Announces Intent to Put Cowlitz Tribe Gaming Site in Trust – Oct 24th Article
–  Article: Federal Judges Blocks Cowlitz Casino Plan
–  USET Cowlitz Amicus Brief accepted by court for review

  • Big Lagoon Rancheria

–  Big Lagoon Argument Summary – HSDW Memo Sept 17
–  The Ninth Circuit Grants Big Lagoon’s Petition for Hearing En Banc 6.11.2014

HEARTH Act Information
       o   Federal Register – BIA Leasing Regulations 25 CFR Part 162 – 12.5.2012
–  HSDW Memo: Federal Court Applies BIA Leasing Regulations in Finding that Federal Law Preempts State Rental and Utility Taxes on the Seminole Indian Reservation – 10.6.2014
      o   Smoke Signals Indian Law Blog: “A Changing Landscape for Property Taxes on Tribal Lands” 09.29.2014
–  U.S. District Court for Southern District of Florida – Order on Cross Motions for Summary Judgment: Seminole Tribe of Florida 9.5.2014

  • Land-into-Trust

–  DOI Releases Final Rule on Taking Land into Trust for Alaska Native Tribes

  • Patchak

–  NCAI Comments on Amendments to 25 CFR 151.12 – Appeals of Land Acquisition Decisions – Patchak  – Submitted July 29
–  NCAI Consultation Session “Patchak Patch” June 24

  • Rights-of-Way

–  USET Submits Comments on Rights-of-Way Proposed Regulations Nov 24 14
–  Assistant Secretary Washburn Announces Third Extension of Rights of Way Proposed Rule to November 28th
–  Assistant Secretary Washburn Announces Extended Comment Period for Proposed Rights-of-Way Rule to Nov. 3

  • 25 CFR Part 151

–  Interior Department Invites Public Comment on Proposed Rule to Take Land into Trust for Alaska Native Tribes


–  NCAI Resolution ECWS-14-004: Urging an Amendment to the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization to Ensure Its Applicability to All Tribes


–  SGAC Letter to K Washburn re: CSC Self-Governance Sub Workgroup Support of CSC Workgroup’s Current Draft recommendations 12.10.2014
–  SGAC Letter to K Washburn – AS-IA re: Financial System 12-06-13
–  TSGAC-SGAC Letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius re: SGTFW Next Steps Expansion of SG within HHS 12-3-13

Self-Governance Archive


  • Child Care

–  HSDW Memo: Congress Reauthorizes Child Care Development Block Grant, Tribal Allocation Could Increase


–  President Obama gives 2015 State of the Union Address
–  NCAI President Cladoosby gives 2015 State of Indian Nations Address
         o  SCIA Chairman Barrasso Congressional Response to State of Indian Nations


–   Tribal Supreme Court Project – Case Updates October 21, 2014
–   Tribal Supreme Court Project – Case Updates September 24, 2014
–   Tribal Supreme Court Project – Case Updates July 9, 2014
–   Tribal Supreme Court Project Memo May 21, 2014

SCOTUS Archive


–  Miccosukee Tribe Hosts Tribal Leaders from Across Indian Country to Address Tax Concerns
        o  Video Recording of Miccosukee Chairman, Colley Billie, Remarks
        o  Photo of Chairman Billie Address
        o  Photo of Tribal Leaders

  • Extenders

–  Congress Passes Tax Extenders Package that Includes Indian Provisions

  • General Tax Updates

–  HSDW Memo: Tax Policy Developments, December 8, 2014
–  USET Revised Tax Reform Recommendations Approved at 2014 Annual Meeting
–  Treasury Releases ‘Interim’ Tribal Consultation Policy, Comments due April 2, 2015
–  Letter of Support for S 2570 Tribal Adoption Parity Act Sent August 6, 2014 to Senator Tim Johnson
–  Treasury to Hold Listening Session on Tax and Capital Initiatives July 23 Register by JULY 18

  • Comprehensive Tax Reform

–  CQ Article: “Wyden’s Narrow Agenda and Broad Outlook”
–  House Tax Reform & Indian Country – Summary

Taxation Archive

  • GWE

–  USET Delivers Letter to Treasury on GWE Implementation
–  USET SPF Alert: Call for Nominations for Treasury Secretary Appointments to Tribal Advisory Committee
–  USET, 10 Tribal Orgs Send Letter To Treasury Requesting Consultation on GWE Nov 25 14
–  Sponsors of GWE Legislation Send Letter to Treasury on Implementation Nov_14_2014
–  USET Letter Regarding Implementation of PL 113-168, The Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act
–  Senator Bennet & Udall Letter to President Obama Re: Passage of the Tribal GWE Bill
–  President Obama Signs H.R. 3043 – September 26
–  Intertribal Letter to President Obama requesting Signing Ceremony for H.R. 3043 sent to WH 9.25.2014
–  HR 3043 Request to President for Signing Ceremony – Template Letter
–  Press Release September 19, 2014:  Heitkamp, Moran Bill Leveling Playing Field for Indian Tribes Passes in Senate
–  Senate Passes Sens. Moran and Heitkamp Bill to End IRS’ Unfair Treatment of Indian Tribes
–  USET Press Release GWE Passes House & Senate – September 19, 2014
–  Congress Passes Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act

  • IRS/Treasury Administrative Revenue Procedure

–  Treasury and IRS Release Final Tribal General Welfare Guidance Revenue Procedure 2014-35 (June 2014)
–  In Final Guidance, IRS Broadens General Welfare Safe Harbors for Tribal Programs – From Holland & Knight: June 6, 2014

   GWE Archive

  • Health

–  HSDW Memo 03.14.2014 IRS Final Rules on the Reporting Requirements for the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate
–  HSDW Memo 3.5.14 IRS Final Rule on the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate

  • HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health)

–  USET Letter June 4 of Response to response letter from Dr. Roubideaux (May 15)
–  Letter from Dr. Roubideaux (May 15) responding to USET April 2 letter re: revision of clarification letter on Medicaid Meaningful Use
–  USET Letter (April 2) to Dr. Roubideaux re: resolving taxation problems faced by health professionals employed by Tribes under IHS

HITECH Archive

  • New Market Tax Credits

–  CDFI Call for New Markets Tax Credit Application Reviewers

  • State and Dual Taxation

–  U.S. District Court for Southern District of Florida – Order on Cross Motions for Summary Judgment : Seminole Tribe of Florida 9.5.2014
–  Article:  The Power to Tax Economic Activity in Indian Country – by: FM Willis Spring 2014

State and Dual Taxation Archive

  • Tax Extenders

–  Indian Extenders Included in Finance Chairman’s Mark
–  Chairman Wyden Tax Extenders Package April 2014

  • Tax Reform

–  Senate Finance Committee Forms Workgroups on Tax Reform

  • Tribal Economic Bonds

–  IRS Phone Forum:  Tribal Bonds Financing – The Basics:  Sept 26, 2:00 PM EDT – Register Here

  • Trust Per Capita

–  USET Comments to IRS on Proposed IRS Per Capita Guidance – Submitted September 17, 2014
–  Interim IRS Guidance Confirms Per Capita Distributions from Tribal Trust Resources Are Nontaxable Comments due to IRS & Treasury by September 17, 2014  (March 18, 2014)
–  Interim Guidance on Per Capita Distributions Released March 10
–  Consultation on Forthcoming Per Capita Act Guidance:  January 27 –  Follow Up Letter to Treasury and DOI on Per Capita Act – Sept 2013


    • BIA Roads

–  HSDW Comments on BIA Proposed Regulations Indian Reservation Roads Program Regulations
        o  USET Resolution 2013:037

  • Department of Transportation

–  Article: “Senate Democrats Give In On Transportation Funding, Accept GOP Plan” July 31
–  Self-Governance Advisory Committee Letter to Congressman Rahall RE:  he reintroduce legislation to expand the Self-Governance Program to the U.S. DoT 2.14.2014

  • Indian Reservation Roads (IRR)

–  Federal Register: Public Transportation on Indian Reservations Program – Tribal Transit Program

  • Map-21

–  Washburn Announces Proposed Revisions to Tribal Transportation Regulations in Compliance with MAP-21

  • Transportation Reauthorization

–  HSDW Memo: Tribal Transportation Developments 05.13.2014
–  HSDW Memo 3.4.14:  Tribal Transportation Developments
–  Tribal Transportation Unity Act Summary 2.27.2014
–  Tribal Transportation Reauthorization Unity Summit Denver Unity Statement 2014
–  DRAFT Denver UNITY Resolution
–  Congressional Letter RE: Secure support for Tribal Transportation Unity Act
–  Key Congressional Members & Committee Assignments for Highway Reauthorization Legislation


–  Washburn Announces Extension of Comment Period for Secretarial Elections Proposed Rule to Jan. 16


  • Michigan vs Bay Mills

–  HSDW Memo 14-039: Supreme Court Upholds Tribal Sovereign Immunity in Michigan v. Bay Mills 05.30.2014

Michigan vs Bay Mills Archive

  • Other

–  HSDW Memo: Important Ruling for Tribal, Alaska Native Business Entities, Including Those in the 8(a) Program
–  Article:  “Jane Daugherty: New York’s Illegal Attack on Tribal Sovereignty”


Trust Responsibility/Trust Reform Archive

–  Natural Resources Journal Article by Kevin Gover:  An Indian Trust for the Twenty-First Century – Published 2006

  • Administration/Department of Interior

–  DOI Departmental Manual – Part 303: Indian Trust Responsibilities, Chapter 2: Principles for Managing Indian Trust Assets
–  Secretary Jewell Issues Secretarial Order Affirming American Indian Trust Responsibilities August 20, 2014
–  DOI Order No. 3215: Principles for the Discharge of the Secretary’s Trust Responsibility – April 2000
–  DOI: Departmental Manual – Principles for Managing Indian Trust Assets October 2000  

  • Cobell

–  Deputy Secretary Connor Outlines Land Buy-Back Accomplishments, Announces Next Locations
–  Interior Transfers Another $1 Million from Land Buy-Back Program to Cobell Education Scholarship Fund
–  Interior Transfers Nearly $3 Million from Land Buy-Back Program to Cobell Education Scholarship Fund July 1, 2014
–  Interior Announces First Transfer from Land Buy-Back Program to Cobell Education Fund

Cobell Archive

  • Secretarial Commission on Indian Trust Administration and Reform (SCITAR)

–  Report of the Commission on Indian Trust Administration and Reform FINAL Approved 12-10-2013
–  Implementing Reforms for Indian Trust Administration August 2014
–  DOI Order No. 3335: Reaffirmation of the Federal Trust Responsibility to Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and Individual Indian Beneficiaries – August 2014
–  Trust Commission Report Dec 10 PP Presentation

  • Morton v. Mancari

–  Article written by Greg Smith & Caroline Mayhew concerning Morton v. Mancari

  • Trust Modernization

–  CRS Report: Trust Responsibility of Federal Government for Indian Tribes: Recent Cases (updated March 2004)
–  Background on Krulitz & Bell Letters
–  Letter from Solicitor Krulitz to Assistant General Moorman November 1978
–  Letter from Attorney General Bell to Solicitor of Interior Andrus May 1979

  • Trust Reform Legislation

–  Gosar Bill : HR 4388 American Indian Trust Responsibility Review Act of 2014
        o  Gosar Introduces Bill Aimed at Repairing U.S. Relationship with Native American Tribes
        o  USET Letter to Gosar re: American Indian Trust Responsibility Review Act of 2014 04.02.2014

  • USET Trust Reform

–  USET Trust Reform Paper 10.11.2012

The DrumVAWA

*VAWA – with Tribal Provisions Intact – has been signed into LAW!*

–  Rep. Don Young Announces: Congress Repeals AK Exception to VAWA
        o   AK Newsminer Article
–  TAKE ACTION: Support Bills to Include Dating Violence and Stalking in Firearms Safety Laws

VAWA Archive


–  HUD DTLL Requesting Comments on HUD-VASH Program
–  USET Submits Comments re: Feasibility of Expanded VA-IHS Reimbursement Agreements for the Treatment of Non-Native Veterans
–  HSDW Memo: VA Issues Interim Final Rule on Veterans’ Access to non-VA Health Facilities, Including IHS and Tribal Facilities
         o  Interim Final Rule on Veterans Choice Program
–  Office of Tribal Government Relations VA Newsletter October 2014

Veterans Affairs Archive


  • My Brother’s Keeper

–  Early Acceptor Deadline TODAY September 26: “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative Communities Challenge

  • White House Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans

–  Executive Order–Establishing the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans – 7.25.2013

  • White House Council on Native American Affairs

–  White House Fact Sheet – Education
–  White House Indian Country Update – July 25

WHCNAA Archive

  • White House Tribal Nations Conference

–  WHTNC Video
–  President Obama’s White House Tribal Nations Conference Remarks
–  WHTNC Fact Sheet and Native Youth Report
        o   2014 Native Youth Report
–  DOI Secretary Jewell’s WHTNC Opening Remarks
–  HHS Secretary Burwell’s WHTNC Remarks
–  NCAI Statement

WHTNC Archive

  • Youth

–  White House Announces Gen-I Native Youth Challenge


  • Attorney General’s Commission on AI/AN Children Exposed to Violence

–  Department of Justice Report: Ending Violence So Children Can Thrive

  • White House Generation Indigenous 

–  White House Launches the “Generation Indigenous Native Youth Challenge”


–  Smoky Mountain News Article: Once Abundant River Cane is a Dwindling Resource