Senior Program/Policy Analyst/Specialist, NEASO Rank 7, #0328

Senior Program/Policy Analyst/Specialist, NEASO Rank 7, #0328

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Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Job Description

POSITION EMPHASIS: This position supports the NEA’s strategic objective to focus the energy and resources of its 3 million members toward the promotion of public confidence in public education by providing professional expertise in support of NEA’s Minority Community Organizing and Partnerships (MCOP) department in the Center for Advocacy and Outreach

POSITION SUMMARY: This position identifies, establishes, engages and coordinates relationships and partnerships with the American Indian/Alaska Native community and other communities of color in support of public education, and NEA positions. Essential functions include bringing in an established American Indian/Alaska Native community network; initiating additional/exploratory avenues for outreach; and serving as NEA liaison to interpret and clarify NEA positions, initiatives and objectives on issues that are of importance to ethnic communities. The employee will act as an NEA liaison to expand alliances with civil rights, minority organizations, with current, emerging, and with high profile and professionally positioned leaders in the ethnic community. The position also coordinates work with national, state, and local entities—both internal and external—on ethnic minority issues and concerns; and identifies structure, staff, and fiscal resources—both internal and external—to be utilized in implementing minority community organizing plans. The work is accomplished under the supervision of the Director, Minority Community Organizing & Partnerships.  The employee uses a personal computer, a variety of NEA-endorsed software, and travels frequently.

Required Skills

MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIREMENT:  Master’s Degree in Social Science, Education, Communication or related field or equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills may be acquired.  MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Minimum of five years of progressively responsible professional experience in outreach programs, policy analysis, program planning and developing strategic initiatives.  Experience must include partnerships with established network of minority community leaders, state and local organizations, celebrity, high-profile, and faith-based associations. OTHER REQUIREMENTS:  Recognition as having mastery, or being a subject matter expert, on the American Indian/Alaska Native community and relevant community and outreach initiatives. Must be able to work extended hours on evenings and weekends.  Portfolio and other samples of work products (i.e., publications, presentations, training, etc.) required at time of interview.  Frequent travel required.

Required Experience

Selection Criteria: TIER 1 (Essential): Demonstrated high level skills in the use of systems thinking, organizational development, and building strategies to support American Indian/Alaska Native community outreach programs. Demonstrated experience and connections with well established civil rights and American Indian/Alaska Native community outreach network. Demonstrated experience and accomplishments in working with community leaders in problem-solving, and creative and critical thinking. An in-depth understanding of diversity and ethnic minority concerns. Demonstrated understanding of culture, traditions and/or language of other ethnic communities. Experience in engaging diverse group dialogue and conversation. Demonstrated success in participating and motivating colleagues or teams. Ability to lead, plan, organize and conduct team efforts.  Demonstrated ability to write articles, talking points, reports, and/or produce products that inform or persuade targeted audiences or promote action in support of complex issues. Demonstrated flexibility and ability to handle multiple and complex tasks simultaneously under stringent timeframes and changing priorities/conditions. Demonstrated experience working independently and collaboratively with individuals, and with diverse groups.  Proven effectiveness in strategic analysis and action planning. Strong written, oral, interpersonal and collaboration skills.  Successful references.  TIER 2: (Significant): Familiarity with the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA), and other education related policy. Demonstrated experience in developing and designing tool kits, web-based products, and brochures.  Tier 3: (Desirable):  Experience in an advocacy organization or association with goals and objectives similar to those of NEA.  Understanding of the relationships between NEA and membership constituency groups. Familiarity with labor organizing.

Job Location: Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular
Salary: 76,898.00 – 130,734.00 USD