The Tribal – Interior Budget Council (TIBC), formerly known as the Indian Affairs Tribal Budget Advisory Council (TBAC), provides a forum and process for Tribal Nations and Federal officials to work together in developing annual budget requests for Indian programs in the Department of the Interior. It provides cooperative participation in IA budget formulation, justification, and information. TIBC meetings also serve as an education forum to better inform Tribal Nations of the IA budget process and advise on the status of Indian Country initiatives throughout the Federal Government.

An Overview of the Federal Government-wide Native American Programs can be seen at: DOI Budget.

FY2023 Budget Formulation Documents and Tools

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TIBC meetings occur on a quarterly basis. Select TIBC Meetings to view agendas, presentations, and information for past or upcoming TIBC meetings. For general TIBC and budget information such as TIBC protocol or action tracking, choose Other Meeting Material.

Tribal Interior Budget Council Reports

Complete Meeting Materials from November 2013-August 2020 Meetings

Summary document of TIBC Meeting July 13-14 Rapid City, SD

FY Budget Submissions

TIBC FY 2022 Budget Submission


Dear Tribal Leader’s Letter from ASIA Washburn in regards to the Department’s transmittal to members of Congress and the Appropriations Committees regarding matters related to Indian Affairs Contract Support Cost (CSC). Download it here.

Letters transmitted to Congress and the Contract Support Cost Table FY’14.  Download it here.


Can be viewed from this site. Information can be viewed by fiscal year, or by document type. The following is a description of each budget document that can be accessed:

Greenbook: the congressional budget justification document for IA; the Greenbook provides justifications for increases and decreases and descriptions of programs as well as performance data for a given fiscal year.

Congressional Actions: includes House, Senate, and conference reports as well as public laws passed by Congress that impact the budget for a given fiscal year.

Program Changes: outlines the increases or decreases contained in the President’s Budget for a given fiscal year based on the previous year’s enacted totals. Changes are organized by activity and program.


Education Subcommittee Report May 2018
BIA Budget Update (2018, 2019, 2020)
First Net Presentation
Public Safety and Justice Subcommittee Report
Strategic Plan Report May 2018
March 2018 Executive Summary FY 2020


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