USET Sovereignty Protection Fund

The USET Sovereignty Protection Fund (SPF) was founded in 2014 as an affiliate organization to USET. As USET, the 501c3 organization expanded its reach and engaged in a broader scope of work, constraints in certain activities associated with advocacy surfaced. While the IRS allows limited advocacy that is indirectly related to a 501c3 organization’s mission, it became increasingly important that USET member Tribal Nations have the ability to directly advocate on behalf of Tribal Nations’ interest and established a 501c4 affiliate. USET SPF, is charged with building a leading advocacy organization with a strong foundation that gives voice to and advances a comprehensive policy and legislative affairs agenda reflecting the interests of USET Tribal Nations, their citizens, and Indian country.

The overarching purpose of the USET SPF is to uphold, protect, and advance the inherent sovereign authorities and rights of USET SPF member Tribal Nations through assertive advocacy and diplomacy.


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