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The Pfizer vaccine is now available to anyone 12 and older

Message to the COVID-19 Community Corps: May 13, 2021

Community Corps members, 

Good news: the Pfizer vaccine is now available for adolescents 12 through 15 years of age – a big next step in our mission to get America vaccinated and keep us protected. 

Teenagers over the past year have missed school, sports, prom, concerts, seeing family, hanging out with friends, the list goes on. And parents have seen the toll this pandemic has taken on their kids, missing out on so much of the life of being a teenager. 

Everyday, more and more people across the country are rolling up their sleeves to get the vaccine to bring us back to normal and end the pandemic. Now, it’s time for nearly 17 million teens and young adults to get their turn. 

Pass it on: Parents who wants to protect their child, now you can. Find a COVID-19 vaccine near you at vaccines.gov or by texting your zip code to 438829. 

It’s normal to have questions, and as members of the COVID-19 Community Corps, YOU are the leaders that we need to make sure your communities have the answers. Here are tools to use as you connect with patients, parents, neighbors, or even on Facebook: 

As always, if you’re hearing other questions or concerns in your community about vaccines, visit our resources page or email us at COVIDCommunityCorps@hhs.gov.  

Thanks for all you do. 

The HHS COVID-19 Community Corps Team