• Public health workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response have been hit hard over the past year, especially when it comes to feelings of heightened stress, anxiety, and hopelessness. This is particularly true for those serving American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations, who have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    CDC has created an anonymous online survey (closing extended to Friday, April 16) to help to understand and address the mental health impact and support needs of our public health workforce. Once we can measure and more fully understand the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of public health workers, we can mobilize the right resources for additional mental health support. With your participation, this study will be one of the first, far-reaching efforts to comprehensively understand the mental health needs of those who serve tribal populations.
    WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please use this letter to share this information with ALL of your staff—all levels and functions of the department! All full-time and part-time employees, contractors, fellows, and others who work at state, local, tribal, or tribally related health departments are eligible to participate. The more AI/AN community health workers we reach, the more representative and inclusive our findings will be. Feel free to modify the letter as necessary.
    Thank you for your continued efforts serving American Indian and Alaska Native communities. We know many of you have lost family and loved ones and continue to work tirelessly. Your participation will help us accurately capture the extent of traumas caused by this pandemic. Together we are strong, and with this data, we can ensure that we continue to strengthen the care of AI/AN communities, their public health allies, and future generations.
  • The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) seek to strengthen their networks and provide innovative responses to address pressing issues within our communities. In order to adjust their programming to better serve Indian Country, they have developed four national surveys to target 1) Tribal producers, 2) community grocers, food hubs, and cooperatives, 3) American Indian food companies, and 4) Tribal leadership to inform them of food system impacts brought about by COVID-19. These surveys can be found on their COVID-19 response page.
  • Chair Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and the majority staff of the House Natural Resources Committee are seeking information from Native American communities impacted by coronavirus on the level of governmental response they’ve seen, the status of their health and social safety needs, and how Congress and other agencies can better serve them during the pandemic. The Committee has set up an online form and is welcoming input from Tribal Nations and Tribal organizations across the country.
  • The Self-Governance Communication & Education Tribal Consortium (SGCETC), a non-profit Tribal organization governed by a Tribal Board of Directors, requests your assistance.
    They have heard concerns about the lack of access to supplies associated with collecting the samples for COVID-19 testing and a need for increased access to a limited number of public and private labs that analyze the tests. To more effectively relay their needs and challenges to those who can potentially assist in getting additional resources, they want to ensure their requests for assistance are as clear and direct as possible. In addition, by periodically surveying your supply need priorities over the next few weeks, they can determine if current shortages are being resolved and if other supplies are moving into a category of concern for supply shortages. Please note that this is a very limited survey specifically related to supplies generally associated with the collection of samples needed for COVID-19 analysis. SGCETC will secure all survey results and will NOT share individual results or identify survey respondents to anyone without the written permission of the Tribal Nation. Again, the analysis and communication related to the results will be in aggregate and will not identify specific Tribal Nations or Clinics. If you have questions regarding the purpose for the survey or safeguarding of information, please contact Jay Spaan, Executive Director, at or 918-370-4258.
  • The National American Indian Housing Council would like to find out how COVID-19 is affecting your housing program and community, so please help by taking this short survey. Even if you have taken the survey before, feel free to submit a new response if circumstances in your community have changed.
  • American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association is distributing this survey broadly to get a better understanding of the impact of the response/containment effort for the COVID-19 specific to Indian Country tourism. Individual responses are confidential; they will be looking for collective data and concerns to ensure voices are heard in the days, months and year to come as they collectively work towards supporting Native communities.
  • Native Women Lead has co-created a survey to better understand the challenges you are facing and how they can be supportive. Please fill out this survey and share it with your network. Native Women Lead is working to figure out how they can help move capital and resources to you all. Your support in filling out the survey will help guide them and all of their partners.

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