USET/USET SPF 2022 Impact Week:
What to Expect

  • Instead of the traditional Monday-Thursday schedule, we will be convening on March 30-March 31 (Wednesday-Thursday). While this is a reduction in days, the Board meeting time remains the same as we will meet for two full days versus the previous four half-day structure. This structure change is partly due to the extremely limited availability of meeting space and a post-pandemic shift to adjust from outdated meeting approaches.
  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, but also due to our efforts to begin the adjustment to a post-COVID meeting, we will work to have a strong virtual engagement option, but this will be an obvious work in progress as we adjust to this new norm over time. However, we will still charge a registration fee as we must meet overall revenue targets to cover the costs of meeting.
  • USET Committees (12) are being provided an option to meet on March 30-March 31 to conduct business two full days versus the previous two and one-half day structure. Based on individual committee agenda time needs, it will be at the discretion of each committee whether they wish to join the Board for General Assembly on March 30. We will need a space needs determination from each committee by January 26, 2022.
  • Close Up will be held in coordination with the meeting, but engagement with our event will be different due to time constraints and other meeting constraints specifically associated with this meeting.
  • Board members and committees must abide by our bylaws resolution process which requires pre-meeting submission. With a shortened meeting timeframe, there will be no flexibility to accept late resolutions due to our inability to get them in proper order for Board consideration.
  • Proof of full vaccination will be required at time of registration. For our USET/USET SPF meeting purposes, full vaccination should be understood to include having completed your booster shot.
  • We are currently discussing the possibility of daily COVID testing.
  • There will be an abundant availability of hand sanitizer stations and masks.
  • No Welcome Reception will be held to avoid large social gatherings.
  • No Congressional reception will be held.
  • No exhibitors, artisans or vendors will be participating.
  • There may be local COVID-19 requirements and/or restrictions in place at the time of our meeting. While we will endeavor to make attendees aware of those relevant to our meeting, you are encouraged to check local websites for the most up-to-date information, including Arlington, VA and Washington, DC.