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Welcome to United South & Eastern Tribes

USET is dedicated to promoting Indian leadership, improving the quality of life for American Indians, and protecting Indian rights and resources on Tribal lands. Although its guiding principal is unity, USET plays a major role in the self-determination of all member Tribal Nations by working to improve the capabilities of Tribal governments. Established in 1969, United South and Eastern Tribes Inc., is a non-profit, intertribal organization that collectively represents its member Tribal Nations at the regional and national level.

USET’s 26 Tribal Nations Video

“Because there is Strength in Unity”

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Together Stronger Transcending photoThree words with so much meaning. This image was drawn by artist Steven Judd during the USET 2013 Impact Week Meetings in Washington, DC, capturing the energy of the Idle No More (Silent No More) movement taking place throughout Indian Country. This image is available for purchase through USET. For more information
click here.