Tribal Health Program Support (THPS), originally the Health Information Office (HIO), was created in 1995 through an Indian Self Determination Education and Assistance Act (ISDEAA) P.L. 638 contract with the Indian Health Service (IHS) for the identified program, services, functions, and activities. Over the years, THPS has expanded to contract the Office of Tribal Activities, Diabetes Control Officer, Nutrition Program; and operates USET’s Tribal Epidemiology Center (TEC), Dental Support Center (DSC), and Diabetes Center. THPS provides up-to-date public health information, advocacy tools, policy analysis, and health promotion and disease prevention programming. THPS believes that elevating the health status of Tribal Citizens is integral in restoring and maintaining the heart, spirit, and soul common to every USET Tribal Nation.


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Meet the highly skilled public health professionals that are devoted to improving the public health of our member Tribal Nations. Our staff has extensive experience in assessing, designing, and implementing data-driven public health programs.

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