Tribal Health Program Support

Tribal Health Program Support

The USET Tribal Health Program Support (THPS) Department, originally the Health Information Office, was created in 1995 to assist Tribal Nations in addressing their health needs. THPS provides up-to-date health information and advocacy tools, policy analysis, and new program opportunities. THPS has grown and evolved in scope to include the administration of several grant programs on behalf of the USET member Tribal Nations including the Tribal Epidemiology Center, USET Diabetes Program, Tribal Data Improvement Program, Dental Support Center, and the Native American Research Center for Health (NARCH).

USET believes that elevating the health status of American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/AN) is integral in restoring and maintaining the heart, spirit, and soul common to every USET Tribal Nation.

Please use the following links to learn more about THPS projects and services:

Dental Support Center

Diabetes Program

Tribal Epidemiology Center 

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