On July 19, the Bureau of Indian Affairs released the solicitation for this year’s Tribal Climate Resilience (TCR) Annual Awards Program. Up to $120 million is available for federally recognized Tribal Nations and Tribal organizations—more total funding than all other TCR competitions combined. Applications are due at midnight EDT on October 13, 2023.

In preparation, BIA held a Grant Writing 101 Webinar (see slides and worksheet) and an informational webinar which will was recorded.

This year, the funding categories have been greatly simplified such that Tribal Nations can apply for planning awards (up to $250K) to build capacity and better understand what actions will be most important for protecting citizens and lands from climate change and implementation awards (up to $4 million) to build, retrofit, or move infrastructure, manage or restore ecosystems, or develop social programs. While any TCR proposal must be related to climate resilience, it can come from any Tribal department including hazard mitigation, emergency management, healthcare, youth programs, employment, etc. The funds are meant to be very flexible to fit the needs and priorities of each Nation. There are also funds set aside for first-time applicants, habitat restoration and adaptation, and Relocation, Managed retreat, and Protect-in-place (RMP) coordinators.

If you would like to discuss possible projects or receive feedback on funding applications, please reach out to Steph at scourtney@usetinc.org.