The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professional’s (ITEP) Tribes and Climate Change Program has just announced that the Status of Tribes and Climate Change (STACC) Report is now available. This report includes over 90 authors and contributors. You may access the Report on the dedicated website and are invited to share it with your networks. In addition, please view ITEP’s media toolkit for suggestions on sharing the report.

  • Media Toolkit
  • Webinars: ITEP is planning a series of webinars including an introductory webinar to introduce the Report. The first webinar is tentatively scheduled for September 22. More information will be available soon.

The Status of Tribes and Climate Change (STACC) Report seeks to uplift and honor the voices of Indigenous peoples across the U.S. to increase understanding of Tribal lifeways, cultures, and worldviews, the climate change impacts Tribal Nations are experiencing, the solutions they are implementing, and ways that all of us can support Tribal Nations in adapting to our changing world.