Last month, NCAI and its voting membership passed two climate action resolutions and amended a previous 2017 resolution on the Paris Climate Accord.

  • #PDX-20-030: The Development of a 2021 Tribal Climate Crisis Action Plan calls upon NCAI to approve the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians’ Tribal Review of the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis’ Congressional Action Plan. The ATNI Tribal Review will be used to develop and implement a congressional, executive branch, and international tribal climate crisis action strategy.
  • #PDX-20-044: This resolution calls upon NCAI to fully support tribal nations that seek to adopt a co-production of knowledge approach for research conducted on, near, or about tribal lands, waters, air, and communities.
  • Amended #MOH-17-053: This amended resolution calls upon the President of the United States to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement as soon as possible. NCAI released a statement on November 4 condemning the United States’ formal withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

NCAI published a list of all resolutions passed at their 77th Annual Convention.