The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is soliciting letters of intent and applications for several climate resilience grant programs including some funded by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). These and other funding opportunities can be accessed on the USET Funding Opportunities webpage. None of these highlighted opportunities require cost sharing or matching. 

 Climate Resilience Regional Challenge – Letter of intent due August 21, 2023. Applicants may choose one of two tracks for each proposal. Track one (up to 25 funded projects, $0.5-2 million each) funds regional climate planning projects, whether they include establishing new planning partnerships or expanding existing initiatives. Track two (up to 15 funded projects, $15-75 million each) funds regional climate adaptation projects which may include infrastructure, land acquisitions, relocation, policy, etc. Coastal Tribal nations and governments (as well as non-profits, universities, and other governments) are eligible to apply, though all applicants are encouraged to work with other organizations and governments to address resilience across the identified region. Projects may be funded for up to 5 years and require no cost-matching. There will be virtual information sessions July 11 and 12, a recording of the June 27 information session is available for viewing on the website, and NOAA is offering direct technical assistance during the application period. 

 Tribal Engagement in Regional Ocean Partnership Priorities – Applications due August 30. Federally recognized Tribes may request from $50-200K for up to two years to participate in established regional ocean partnerships (ROP), especially to provide input on partnership/coastal priorities and further the coordinated management of ocean resources and data. Tribal Nations may participate in partnership regions where they hold current and/or ancestral interests. Program priorities include capacity building for engagement (travel, meetings, virtual engagement), data accessibility and applications (data management, tools, portals), inter-Tribal coordination, and management priorities (identifying, vetting, advancing ROP priorities). Access the FAQ and recorded informational webinar for more information. 

 Ocean Acidification Program Education Mini-grants – Letter of intent due September 15. The principal objective of NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program (OAP) Education Mini-Grant Program is to provide federal financial assistance to develop ocean and coastal acidification education tools and programs in underserved and/or Indigenous communities or Tribal Nations. Awards may be granted for up to $50K for a 1 to 2 year period. 

 Climate Ready Workforce for Coastal and Great Lakes Tribes, States, and Territories – Letter of intent due November 30. This grant program seeks to establish programs that support jobseekers and employers in climate resilient workforce development. This competition will result in 10-20 awards each ranging from $0.5 to $10 million over 2 to 4 years. NOAA is hosting informational webinars throughout July focusing on a variety of topics that may assist applicants in developing their letter of intent and proposal.