Building on NOAA’s Climate Equity Roundtablesregional pilots and efforts to build a Climate-Ready Nation, this RFI will gather critical feedback that will be used to develop an Action Plan designed to:

  • Make NOAA’s climate services more accessible, understandable, usable, inclusive of the social and economic impacts of climate change and capable of addressing complex hazards. 
  • Build capacity for and support users of all disciplines and backgrounds, particularly historically underserved communities and tribal communities, by expanding science literacy and successfully applying climate services to science-based decisions about climate risk and resilience. 

The RFI will be open for a 60-day comment period and will close September 21, 2023. NOAA is especially seeking feedback from the public health, affordable housing, food security and economic development sectors, communities with environmental justice concerns, tribal and Indigenous communities and other historically underserved communities that NOAA aims to better and more fully support.

Written or recorded comments can be emailed to Comments will not be accepted via phone. Commenters are encouraged to join regional and community-specific listening sessions to engage with NOAA staff and provide comments in real time.