A close partner and collaborator of USET the Wabanaki Youth in Science (WaYS) Program has recently updated their website. The new look comes with new resources and opportunities for Tribal youth along with example curricula that displays an integration of culture and science. Here is a brief mission statement from their new site:

“Research has shown that one key component to persistence in sciences for Native American students is the melding of the science AND culture into the curriculum. In particular the rich cultural heritage of the Wabanaki Tribes and their environment, lends itself well to melding these two vital criteria. It is also important to connect the next generation to continue their cultural heritage and legacy of environmental management and stewardship. WaYS looks at developing a long-term program to engage Wabanaki students (6-12 grades) through their cultural heritage and environmental legacy to encourage and promote persistence in sciences through college and into a career. It is the essence of knowledge to action and what will be paramount in developing a sustainable environmental program for” Wabanaki Tribal Nations.