Meet the Behavioral Health Team

Meet the Behavioral Health Team

The USET Behavioral Health Team is focused on providing Tribal Nations with technical assistance in their efforts to promote the health of their citizens. Learn more about our current team and learn about our open positions.

Erica Charley

is a proud citizen of the Navajo and Hualapai Tribal Nations. She is a Program Manager at USET working on the Tribal Epidemiology Public Health Infrastructure cooperative agreement to increase public health infrastructure and capacity within the USET TEC and IHS Nashville Area Tribal Nations. You can reach Erica at

Bernice Jordan

is a Public Health Program Manager working with Tribal Nation partners to improve Tribal Public Health Capacity Building and Quality Improvement by supporting implementation of evidence-based culturally appropriate interventions to address opioid overdoses and enhancing data improvement by expanding social determinants of health. Bernice is also leading the collaboration of the Reclaiming Native Psychological Brilliance Series Behavioral Health ECHO and the Opioid Task Force. You can reach Bernice at

Kasha Harris

is a Public Health Program Manager working with Tribal Nation partners to improve data quality and access to behavioral health services by supporting implementation of culturally appropriate interventions for youth and vulnerable populations within Tribal Nations. Kasha also oversees the Suicide Abuse and Suicide Prevention initiative through Indian Health Service. You can reach Kasha at

Bryan Hudson Hendrix

is the Quality Improvement Data Analyst with the Tribal Health Program Support department and the Tribal Epidemiology Center. To accomplish his role of improving data quality, he conducts trainings, process and data flow analyses, and the ECHO program. To request a training, flow analysis, or to join the ECHO mailing list, please contact him at

Imani Ransby

is a Staff Epidemiologist and provides technical assistance and epidemiological support to USET member Tribal Nations, including tracking and reporting data on behavioral health screenings and mental health diagnoses, as well as formulating and administering surveys and needs assessments used to gather information on various aspects of community health. Imani works closely with the USET Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) team to identify gaps in addressing behavioral health at Tribal Nations, promote substance and alcohol prevention use efforts amongst Tribal youth, and optimize patient care experiences. You can reach Imani at

Emma Waugh

is a Program Coordinator working to build public health capacity and improve data that is available to Tribal Nations, particularly around opioid use disorder, treatment and prevention activities. Emma works to develop partnerships with stakeholders involved in all aspects of data collection, analysis and reporting to raise awareness and provide training on racial misclassification and other issues Tribal Nations face when accessing data. You can reach Emma at

Amanda Watts

is a Program Coordinator working with Tribal Nation partners to improve behavioral health data infrastructure and documentation by coordinating behavioral health needs assessments. Simultaneously supporting USET member Tribal Nations in their underage substance use prevention efforts. As well as the coordination and planning of behavioral health related trainings for all member Tribal Nations. You can reach Amanda at

Michele Scarlata

is a Project Administrator for the SAMHSA project and other programs within USET. In her role, she assists in meeting program and grant objectives, project management and funding research. You can reach Michele at

Alexis Sims

is a Project Administrator working with Tribal Nation partners to manage grant deliverables and execute contracts for the completion of program activities. Additionally, maintaining an open line of communication with Tribal Nation partners and USET staff to assist with technical assistance needs, progress reports, and any other substance use prevention efforts. You can reach Alexis at

Sam Piper

is an Administrative Assistant working to support Tribal Nation partners through USET's various grants and projects, including behavioral health and substance abuse prevention. Additionally, Sam keeps record of Tribal partner meetings and activities as well as coordinates travel for USET THPS staff to receive further training and visit Tribal Nation partners. You can reach Sam at