Tribal Public Health Preparedness and Resilience

A Tribally centered epidemiological approach to public health preparedness and resilience with the primary goal of strengthening the resilience of USET member Tribal Nations through public health strategies focused on the mitigation, prevention, and preparation phases of the disaster management cycle.



Core Project Components for FY3 (September 2023 – October 2024):

Epidemiological Assessment

Gather data to use for public health interventions, advocacy/grants, and to advance Tribal Nations’ capacity, understanding, and awareness of public health preparedness and resilience.

Webpage and Educational Materials

Produce educational materials for awareness and resource sharing.

Establish Tribal Public Health Preparedness and Resilience (PHPR) Task Force

Build relationships and align with USET member Tribal Nation goals.


USET TEC will continue to partner with Indian Health Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs to ensure services are not duplicated and ensure they uphold their federal trust and treaty obligations.

Tribal PHPR Task Force Sign -Up