Native Americans in Philanthropy’s (NAP) Native Youth Grantmakers is designed for Indigenous youth aged 18-24 who are connected to their community (urban, rural, or reservation) and want to grow their leadership skills, advocate for Native youth and youth programs, and learn more about the philanthropic sector.

This year-long course is both in-person and virtual and embraces Indigenous values that can help create conditions for all communities to thrive. As Native people, we are the first philanthropists. Today, philanthropy is a critical tool because it supports endeavors from which we can all benefit; however, Native youth are largely left out of that process.

NAP strongly believes that Native youth bring a critical perspective to the world of philanthropy and deserve decision-making power when it comes to the issues that impact us all. This leadership program is designed to directly support emerging Native leaders, to center their perspectives, and to build power in a community of practice of grantmakers. The NAP team will work closely with program participants to help cultivate and nurture their strengths and connect them to key Indigenous leaders in the philanthropy sector.

Program Objectives

Native Youth Grantmakers will focus on:

  • Increasing knowledge of philanthropy
  • Strengthening leadership and advocacy skills
  • Developing and coordinating effective grantmaking strategies
  • Encouraging dialogue between Native youth and Mentors to learn from one another
  • Creating a space to develop meaningful relationships in philanthropy and community

As a major part of the year-long curriculum, participants will have the opportunity to become grantmakers while learning about Indigenous participatory grantmaking processes and implementing their own funding strategies, decisions, and choices that are meaningful to Native youth and their communities.