For far too long, Indigenous communities have been spoken for, or spoken at, and it is past time to hear from them in their own words. Indigenous women face extraordinary challenges: They are exponentially more likely to be victims of physical and sexual violence, which is often unreported and perpetrators are rarely brought to justice. They also face disproportionate economic, political, health, and cultural deprivations stemming from the ongoing impact of colonialism. Too few people are aware, however, that Indigenous women are often in leadership roles in the fight for environmental concerns, cultural preservation, improving health and human services and respecting treaty and voting rights. They also have a uniquely valued place in many Indigenous cultures that can help illuminate the paucity of settler culture’s respect for women’s special wisdom. 

Women’s eNews’ Indigenous Women Speak Out series will feature monthly interviews with Indigenous women leaders in the US and Canada. It is being led by Lead Editor and Producer Teresa Stack, President emeritus of The Nation, the oldest weekly publication in the US. All interviews in this series are being conducted by professional journalists who are members of Indigenous communities.

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