USET Region Workgroup/Taskforce/Committee Vacancies


US Government Accountability Office (GAO) Tribal Advisory Committee (TAC) 
Submit nominations to, Subject line: GAO TAC Nomination
Please direct questions to Paige Gilbreath at (214) 777-5724 or
Nominations Deadline: June 10

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Tribal Advisory Committee (NIH TAC)
Vacancy: Nashville Area Primary, Alternate, and At-Large Members. Submissions accepted until filled.
Email: Dr. Dave Wilson
Subject Line: NIH TAC Nashville Nomination
Function: The TAC is advisory to the NIH, and provides a forum for meetings between elected Tribal officials (or their designated representatives) and NIH officials to exchange views, share information, and seek advice concerning intergovernmental responsibilities related to the implementation and administration of NIH programs.It was established to help ensure that Tribes and AI/AN people have meaningful and timely input in the development of NIH policies, programs, and priorities. The NIH TAC seeks to ensure that NIH policies or activities that affect AI/AN communities are brought to the attention of Tribal leaders.
Federal Contact: Lawrence A. Tabak, Deputy Director, National Institutes of Health, 301-496-4000

National Tribal Advisory Committee (NTAC) on Behavioral Health
Vacancy: Nashville Area Primary and Alternate. Submissions accepted until filled.
Email: Dr. Glorinda Segay and Hilary Holmes
Subject Line: National Tribal Advisory Committee (NTAC) on Behavioral Health Vacancies
Function: The National Tribal Advisory Committee (NTAC) on Behavioral Health acts as an advisory body to the Division of Behavioral Health and to the Director of the Indian Health Service, with the aim of providing guidance and recommendations on programmatic issues that affect the delivery of behavioral health care for American Indian and Alaska Natives.
Federal Contact: Dr. Glorinda Segay (IHS Division of Behavioral Health)

Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee (TLDC)
Vacancy: Nashville Area Primary and Alternate.
Subject Line: TLDC Nomination
Function: The Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee (TLDC) was created by the Director, Indian Health Service (IHS), in 1998. The TLDC recommends to the Director, IHS, a process for distributing SDPI funds. The TLDC also provides the IHS and Tribal leadership with an ongoing forum to discuss all matters related to diabetes and the impact of other chronic diseases on AI/AN communities. The TLDC will make recommendations and provide advice on policy and advocacy issues concerning diabetes and related chronic diseases; provide advice and guidance to ensure the incorporation of appropriate culture, traditions, and values in program development, research, and community-based activities; provide broad-based guidance and assistance in defining how other Federal agencies and organizations, States, Tribal epidemiology centers, institutions of higher learning, and private health organizations can play a role in addressing diabetes and related chronic diseases; and serve as a Tribal advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Native Diabetes Wellness Program.
Federal Contact: Ann Bullock, MD, Director, IHS Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

Uncommon Dialogue on Hydropower, River Restoration, and Public Safety
For questions or nominations, email Morgan Lommele.
Submission accepted until filled.

US Forest Service Advisory Council
For questions or nominations, email Cassie Adams, subject line: US Forest Service Advisory Council.
Submissions accepted until filled.