The National Council of Urban Indian Health (NCUIH) is seeking applications from health care organizations and individuals interested in serving as Storytellers for a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-funded project on emergency preparedness/response and vaccine planning.

The National Council of Urban Indian Health (NCUIH) is recruiting health care organizations and individuals to be Storytellers for NCUIH’s Protecting our Future through Vaccine Planning and Emergency Preparedness. Storytellers will be supporting other organizations through knowledge, experience, and resources to assist others to maneuver through adult vaccinations, such as influenza and COVID-19, within their organizations and roles.

Also, Storytellers will be awarded up to $30,000 for their leadership in providing and tracking documents, news articles, best practices, lessons learned, and vaccine plans. Help us by being part of the solution, a trail blazer through your organizations’ story telling of your vaccination journey!

The goal of COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Response and Vaccine Implementation Planning in UIOs is to develop the capacity of Urban Indian Organizations in COVID-19 preparedness, response and vaccine dissemination. Through COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Urban Indian Health Programs, NCUIH will work closely with up to 41 Urban Indian Organizations (UIOs) to address public health priorities related to COVID-19 by supporting UIO public health emergency response and vaccine implementation planning.

NCUIH will accomplish this through talking circles, one-on-one technical assistance on the development of emergency preparedness/response and/or vaccine implementation as well as providing best practices, vaccine plans, and resources with all UIOs and provide information on NCUIH website, newsletter,and Sharepoint site

As part of this work, NCUIH aims to provide support to member organizations to promote sustainable systematic improvements in emergency preparedness/response and vaccine planning, progressing towards a culture of safety. Members provide a spectrum of primarily outpatient services including full ambulatory services (medical, dental, behavioral health, etc.), limited ambulatory (limited hours), outreach and referral services only, and residential treatment centers.

Visit the NCUIH website to learn more and apply.