Attention all USET member Tribal Nations Utility Managers!

The USET Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Laboratory Analysts Certification Board seeks to fill one (1) Board Member vacancy (Drinking Water System Operator Representative) immediately.

Board Member Duties:
  • Serve a three-year commitment.
  • Serve as advisory board member concerning Water/Wastewater, Laboratory Certifications.
  • Help provide strategic direction, oversight, and guide the mission of USET’s Water/Wastewater Certification Program.
  • Attend annual Board meetings, either in person or virtually.
  • Attend and assist in planning for annual Tribal Utility Summit.
  • Drinking Water Operator with USET Certification.
  • Current employment with USET member Tribal Nation Water Utility.

The term for the Certification Board members… will be a minimum three-year commitment and may serve until a successor assumes the office. The Certification Board composition and established rotation provides for stakeholder involvement and gives opportunity to other qualified Tribal Nation members to serve on the Certification Board without jeopardizing the effectiveness and stability of the Certification Board.

Board Member Section of USET Certification Board Bylaws

If you are interested in joining the Board, please forward a letter of interest and list your current job title to Jane Wilson, USET Office of Environmental Resources Program Manager.

Jane can also be contacted should you want to learn more about day-to-day Board Member responsibilities.