Listen up! Eighth Generation, the first Native-owned company to offer wool blankets, has launched our Third Wool Blanket Design Contest!

The first wool blanket design contest was in 2017 and brought back by popular demand in 2019 — check out previous winners and their blankets here.

Now, the 2021 contest is the BIGGEST ONE EVER! This year we are choosing THREE artists to design a blanket in one of THREE WOOL BLANKET CATEGORIES!

  1. A Warrior Blanket, to honor the people who sacrifice for our way of life 
  2. An Elder Blanket, to honor those who laid the groundwork for future generations
  3. A People’s Choice Blanket, designed by a community engaged artist

The Warrior Advisory Committee and an Elder Advisory Committees will assist in the selection of the winner for their categories. The People’s Choice blanket will be selected with the help of members of the community.

Visit Eighth Generation’s website to learn more.