The TTAC Tribal Pensions Subcommittee just released their survey aiming to explore and highlight the impacts of tribal pensions on Native American Nations.

Key Information about this Survey:
This survey will consist of multiple questions focused on pensions, benefits and retirement programs of specific Native American Nations. There will be no compensation of any kind available for your participation. The answers to your questions will be used solely for the purposes provided in this survey. We expect that individuals will spend approximately 20-30 minutes completing a questionnaire for each Native business.

The survey will be open until June 30, 2021 at 11:59pm PST

Who should take the survey?
The subcommittee asks that recipients of this survey forward to individuals, employees and representatives of the Native American Nation who focus on finance, human resources, law or employment policy. The Native American Nation should have one respondent complete the survey, understanding that other tribal representatives may support the collection of information. The survey design may allow multiple individuals to complete this survey.