Injustice in America is not a new reality. In fact, it predates the founding of this nation. It was birthed as its original sin; the sin of greed and superiority that led to the genocide of our indigenous relatives. It is grounded in the arrival of the first explorers who set foot on our shores and quickly embarked upon a centuries long campaign. A campaign to oppress others to achieve gain for themselves. A campaign to secure the rights and privileges of those it believed to be more deserving than others, despite the principles reflected within its Constitution. A campaign that has yet to end. This campaign started with Indigenous peoples, and was followed by many other unconscionable, deplorable, and despicable acts for which this nation has yet to hold itself accountable. The impacts and consequences of this original sin continue to be at the root of our challenges to this day, not only within Indian Country, but also as a nation. The opportunity is now for us all to commit ourselves to be agents of healing and change to ensure that the path we choose at this fork in the road will lead us to greatness, which fundamentally includes true unity and justice for all. We must all take a firmer stand on the ground of righteousness, reverence, respect, and regard for all of humanity.

Below are statements and message from USET SPF and our member Tribal Nations